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The Episode begins with Kabir saying how can Meera Love him. He says that she is Angad’s Fiancee. He remembers her confession. He gets a call but he gets frustrated. Angad asks him why is he looking soo scared. He aaks to decorate the Christmas Tree. Kabir asks him to get Married to Meera. Angad holds him by his collar and asks him why is he talking about Meera. Kabir remembers how Meera held him the same way and pushes him away. Kabir tells him that there is soo much going on in her Life.

Angad shouts at him and tells him that her chapter has closed in his Life. Kabir again gets a call but he ignores it. Meera comes home and throwing on the bed breaks into tears. She remembers her confession to Kabir and says how could she say this to him and how could she Love him. She panics. Her Sister comes there and tells her that Naveen is I’ll and asks her to help. Meera rushes to him an helps him. She makes him drink water trying to relax him.

The whole Family gathers near the Christmas Tree and they start sharing their Love Stories. Gurmeet tells them that he started Loving her on their First Night after she has told him that all his problems are hers. Kabir asks Nimmo when did she started Loving him and she tells him when she was leaving her Family and coming to him, he respected her and brought Water for her. Beeji says that the Love happened seeing the Beauty is not the true Love. But the Love that happens with Heart stays forever.

Sukhbeer asks Pritam to share his Love Story and he says no one. They say that they don’t agree with him. Pritam asks Amrita to tell her Love Story with Karan and they all look at him .Amrita says that when he came to see her she felt something and then he came to take her to roam in Ludhiana and everything felt new and says that moment she knew she fell in Love with him. She tells him how he has told her that he will always keep her Happy and asked her to keep her Family Happy and how he wanted to wait for their Baby so that Angad and Kabir settle down and she fell for him more. She says she started Loving him everyday.

Nimmo cries and says why did he leave and why didn’t he come back atleast for her as she has Loved him soo much. She says that she is not worried for herself but for themselves. Sukhbeer says that they should do final rights of Karan and that will make everyone at Peace. Pritam comes as a Police Officer to an officer. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Pritam’s friend tells him that the Person UD is none other than UD. Kabir tells Meera that he will become her Santa. Angad asks him whom he is talking with. Pritam comes as Santa to Amrita and she asks him to sing the song. He removes the cloth from the Earthen Pot and when she furiously asks him what it is, He tells her that it is Karan’s Asthiya shocking her.

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