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The episode starts with Angad asking how can they bring Meera in the house. They say that when Meera enters the house she’s going to bring luck in the house. Nimmo scolds him that why he’s involving Meera in all the problem. She says that Amirtha is going to deliver the baby soon and if Meera comes home married before that then she would lift half the weight from her head.

Angad is still not convinced and Amrita asks what’s his problem. Angad couldn’t answer. Meera comforts him and asks him to not think too much. Angad leaves tensed.

Krishna kant is sitting upset when Dadaji praises their new house. Nimmo says that they all are buying sanitizer and losing the money and wealth while they are selling it and making money.

Krishna kant flaunts his money and looks down on Sakhujas while Nimmo felt his changed behaviour. Aapa greets them and asks why didn’t they come for grah pravesh. Nimmo says when they are not invited how can they attend the celebration. Shabhana and others get shocked and asked Krishna kant that whether he didn’t invite them. Krishna kant lies that Pandit fixed date in the last minute and he couldn’t invite people due to covid. Meera takes everyone to have a look at their home use

Meera shows Kabir her room and Kabir is elated to see the comfort in her room. He jokes her to take Angad there after marriage. Meera orders him to decorate her room well before she gets married. Kabir teases her. Angad is in café and calling various people and friends for a job. He couldn’t get any proper response from anyone. Meera and Kabir video calls Angad and Angad pretends like he’s with a client. Angad lies that they are meeting client outside office due to covid situation and Meera gets convinced. Angad looks on worried.

Amrita starts about wedding preparations when Krishna kant says they can postpone it for few more months due to covid situation. Kabir asks there’s nothing to fear about it for which Krishna kant asks him to not forget what Corona took away from them. They say about Dolly’s wedding which happened without missing any rules and regulations with limited number of people. Shabhana gives her consent for the wedding and they all congratulate each other.

Krishna kant grudgingly agreed to contact the Pandit. Amrita is about to go for get check up when Meera offers to accompany her. Amrita is in hospital with Kabir and Kabir gets emotional seeing Karan’s cabin. Amrita enters in it and gets lost in her memories with Kabir. Suddenly some injured person falls on the desk and one guy asks her to treat him. She asks who beat him and Pritam says it’s him.

Precap : Krishna kant doesn’t want to do Meera’s wedding with Angad due to their improved status. Guneet slaps Krishna kant and Meera breaks her marriage with Angad.

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