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The Episode begins with the police asking Amrita whether she is Mrs Karan Shakuja. She agrees and shows him her I’d. The police let’s them go. Pritam takes his I’d from her. Her Father in law asks Nimmo what is this stubborness and says that he has always admired her patience but today. She asks her what can she do and her husband has betrayed her and his such a huge thing. Gurmeet says that he didn’t wanted drama to happen in the house. Nimmi saya that it was a drama when he let a man meet Amrita. Her father in law tells her whatever she has done with Amrita and her baby is wrong.

Nimmo says that they think bad of her and says that they wants to get Amrita married. Her Mother says that nothing like this will happen. Her Father in law says that it will happen and Amrita deserves to live her Life and get married. Gurmeet says that she is creating a scene. Her Father in law asks her what would have she done if it was her daughter.

Amrita wonders as to how did the police called her Mrs. Shakuja. He covers it up when she questions again, he asks to go back and ask them. He tries to take a nap but she doesn’t let them asks him to sit straight. Suddenly the Jeep stops and Pritam gets down from the car to check it. Amrita says she will check it. Pritam checks it.

Her Mother in law agrees with him and says that who will stay in the house for Amrita. Nimmo says that they are not like her parents and they not for once thought about Ansh. Gurmeet says that she is not going anywhere leaving Ansh. Nimmo says that Ansh is her and he has her blood. She says that she won’t let her take her Ansh when he says that even Amrita has her blood in him. Ans runs away from there. Gurmeet gets irritated with her behaviour. His parents’console him and tells him that they should let Amrita be happy. Gurmeet says that Nimmo may hate Amrita for it. Kabir comes there and they make themselves up. He tells them about his modelling project.

Pritam decides to call the Mechanic. Shika talks to Rajeev asking about designer when she sees Pritam’s friend and intentionally dashes with him. She greets him. She says that now he is hiding eyes from her and asks for Pritam. He asks how does he know. She asks him not to lie and says she knows everything. She asks him to say and he knows how she is and she can just blame him. She asks whether he don’t want him to meet his son. He tells her that he is not in the city. She asks him where he is staying. She tells him that whatever Pritam touches becomes sand and tells him that she will get his job back if he helps her. He asks her to follow him asking whether she is sure. He starts his bike and he rushes away in his bike. She shouts.

Pritam tells Amrita Ansh will catch cold as they stay near the Jeap. The mechanic tells them that it will take time and asks them to stay in the hotel near by. Amrita shouts at Pritam.

Kabir asks how did she cut her hand. Angad asks her to take some rest. Kabir asks her why she is crying and what is the problem. Gurmeet says there is nothing. Nimmo aaks them about their jobs and they tell her. He asks whether they can let Income Tax raid happen in his car to which everyone teases him. Angad asks whether something happened to which she says that their Parents fought and the Screen Freezes.