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Star plus newly launched show Zindagi Mera Ghar Aana attracted viewers with just its promo and storyline only. Earlier it’s seen that Amrita who was pregnant with her demised husband Karan’s kid got immense love and respect from her family. It also showcased how Karan was ill treated being a covid warrior. Now it will be seen that Amrita will try to fix Angad’s marriage with love interest Meera but Meera’s father will be against it. Amrita will meet with Pritam for the first time.

Previously we have seen that, Sakhuja family got ready for Dolly’s wedding. Kabir who’s the youngest of the family was a trouble maker and Dolly’s love interest. Amrita was pregnant with her late husband Karan’s child. The family showerslee immense love and respect on Amrita and treated with lots of care. Kabir’s marriage with Dolly was called off as he doesn’t have a job. Amrita who was in love with her late husband hid her pain for her family.

Dolly suggested Kabir to run away and get married and Kabir agreed. Kabir’s mother Nimmo went to government office to check whether her son’s ashes have reached from hospital. It was shown that Karan who was a covid warrior would’ve died of corona. Nimmo got slapped by the officer and would be thrown out of the place. Whole family scolded her for getting insulted again and again while Amrita calmed her down. Amrita recalled how the whole neighbourhood isolated Karan once he returned from his service and asked him to leave the place. On the other hand, Chaddha caught Kabir with Dolly but Dolly lied that its Kabir who forced her to run away.


In the future episodes we will witness, Amrita will try to arrange Angad’s marriage once again with his love interest Meera as the first one got called off due to Karan’s death. However Angad and Meera’s father will seem to have an dispute without anyone’s knowledge. On the other Kabir will clear his name in Dolly’s issue. Sahana will notice the change in Meera’s father’s behaviour when he will refuse Meera from attending Dolly’s wedding but he will hide is thoughts. Amrita’s family will reach his home to fix the wedding date when Meera’s father will not agree for the wedding. Meera will also find out that Angad didn’t work in his office anymore. Later, Amrita meets with Pritam as he brought an injured patient who was beaten by him.

Will Amrita and Pritam’s story kick start in the future? Why is Meera’s father against the wedding?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.


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