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Star Plus’ daily soap Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana is all set for more drama with Pritam getting offended when Shakujas make fun of him.

In the current story it’s seen that Shakujas maid finds a men’s undergarment in the dried clothes that she collected from the terrace and will whose undergarment is. Family will discuss about it and every man in the family says that it’s not his undergarment. Pritam hears their talk and gets annoyed. He asks, what’s wrong with that undergarment that they’re having a long discussion about. Shakujas guess that it’s Pritan’s undergarment and make fun of him. Pritam gets offended.
Kabir sneaks into Meera’s house and pleads with her to convince the boss to hire him again. He hides when Krishankant comes there. Meera handles the situation and sends Krishnakant down. Meera agrees to help Kabir. However the boss refuses to let Kabir work in his office again. Meera informs about the same to Kabir. Pritam gets hurt while fixing nail on the wall. Amrita doesn’t his first aid. Pritam thanks her.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Amrita will visit her gynecologist for a check up with Nimmo. Vishaka will see Amrita and will try to click her photo through the glass door The nurse will spot and will ask what she’s doing. Vishaka will say that she’s Amrita’s relative The doctor will ask the nurse who is there outside. The nurse will say that her patient’s relative. Nimmo will say that she’s Amrita’s relative and asks who is outside. Vishaka will get tensed.

Will Vishaka get caught? What Vishaka is upto?

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