Zee TV Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is witnessing high voltage drama with Antra coming back to Akshat.

Aj says to Guddan that till Antra gets fully recovered they have lie about their relation. He says to her after the wedding he will tell Antra the truth. Guddan agrees with AJ.

Bhushan says he can’t risk Antra’s life at AJ house. AJ asks Bhushan to trust him. He also promises him that he will reveal his mairrage to Antra after she recovers.

Otherside, Durga is taking pleasure seeing the triangle forming between the trios. She thinks the more Antra will go closer to Akshat the further Guddan will be from AJ. Durga gets happy thinking it’s time to rule the house.

Here, Antra is about to fall. Guddan catches her and says till she is there nothing can happen to her. Antra say AJ is there for her she doesn’t need anyone else. Guddan asks her to take a rest. Antra say she gets peace in her husband arms only.

Later, Antra go to her room and see her photos. She cries and hugs AJ for keeping her memories alive. She says she missed him. AJ says he missed her too. He asks Antra to take some rest. Guddan looks at both of them.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Guddan will sacrifice her happiness for Antra’s sake.

Guddan shifts her stuffs from AJ’s room. Durga and Saru will be delighted to see Guddan in pain when Antra will settle in her room with Akshat.

How AJ and Guddan will handle this situation, will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega mon-fri, on Zee TV.

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