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The episode starts with Rishi breaks his hug with Malishka to attend Lakshmi call and she asks him when he returns to home and what he wants her to wear. Rishi says wear which one you like and Malishka takes his ohone and cuts the call thsn she tells to Rishi that they have to leave to Inauguration and I will come to your home than we can go together. Rishi agrees.

Lakshmi tries to contact Neelam but her phone is out of coverage than she receives Shalu call. Shalu asks why she us tensed. Lakshmi says first time I’m going out with Rishi for inauguration so I’m confused thinking what to wear. Shalu says I saw in sns that it’s modern show room so wear a gown. Lakshmi says she don’t have any gown. Ahana tells her she will arrange it than she asks designer to send yellow gown.

Malishka calls showroom and I firms them that she is niece of showroom owner and she asks them about theme colour. Jennifer tells her it’s off white and we are unable to contact sir so can you please inform him that I convinced Rishi’s wife Lakshmi to accompany his husband for this inauguration. Malishka breaks her phone. Shalu and Ahana waits for Lakshmi and they knocks the door and asks her to come out. Lakshmi feels hesitant. Rishi comes to home and he about to go to change his dress than Lakshmi comesout and asks if she is looking weird. Rishi says no and he notices she is uncomfortable thsn he covers her with Duppatta and tells her that she us beautiful. Lakshmi asks can she wear saree as she is not comfortable in gown. Rishi says you don’t need to change for anyone and maintain your smile as you look good in it and he goes to change his dress.

Lakshmi asks why didn’t they tell them that Rishi arrived to room. Shalu and Ahana teases her. Rishi comesout wearing his dress. Lakshmi tells him she gets ready in 5minutes. Malishka calls Rishi and informs him that Lakshmi is planning to accompany you so stop her as I wanted you to come with me so tell if we are going or not. Rishi tells her they are going together. Lakshmi comes out wearing red saree. Rishi looks on.

Virendra asks Ayush to not tease Shalu as I find everything. Ayush says he us innocent. Virendra says I know about you so go and get Arora file. Ayush goes to get it. Lakshmi asks Rishi can they leave to Inauguration. Rishi goes aside to attend call. Ahana says Rishi loves you that’s why he is complementing you. Rishi tells to Lakshmi that inaugration event got cancelled. Lakshmi says it’s fine as I’m getting tensed. Rishi leaves. Shalu and Ahana feels dissapointed. Lakshmi says it’s good as I got time to prepare for Karva chauth and she asks them to leave and thanks Ahana for gown.

Malishka to comes wearing yellow gown and she congratulate her uncle than he asks her about Rishi. Malishka says their he is than he goes to meet him. Malishka stops Jennifer and scolds her for wearing similar colour like her and she asks her to change her dress. Jennifer says she don’t have other pair than Malishka asks her to maintain distance from her. Rishi calls Malishka. Jennifer thinks why Lakshmi mam didn’t came thsn she thinks to call Lakshmi.

Lakshmi gives tab to Shalu saying Bauji gave it to them. Shalu asks her to convey her thanks than she leaves. Ahana tells to Lakshmi that Neelam bought new saree to her for Karva chauth. Jennifer calls Lakshmi. Malishka asks Jennifer ti get scissors. Lakshmi realises it’s Malishka voice. Jennifer asks her team to start posting clips in social media. Lakshmi says don’t know who called but I heard Malishka voice.

Shalu watches the live of shop inaugration and she calls Lakshmi and Informs her that inaugration is not cancelled so call Rishi as he was at store and maybe he is unable to contact you. Lakshmi says she is leaving to inaugration place. Ahana sends her. Lakshmi reaches to the venue and she informs it to Shalu and cuts the call. Shalu sees Rishi is holding someone closely in her tab smd thinks who it might be! So Rishi Jiju lied to Lakshmi Di that event got cancelled.

Episode ends.