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Day 40

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song shake it like Shammi. Nishant dances in the garden. Raqesh hugs Shamitha.

09:15 AM

Nishant tells Divya that now finally they are the finalists and they should walk together. Pratik remembers Neha and gets emotional.

12:30 PM

Divya tells Raqesh that she will keep updated with him in the outside. She tells him that she can’t call Shamitha Bhabhi. He asks her to shut up and tells her that they are friends. He tells Shamitha would have killed her.

01:30 PM

Shamitha is getting ready while Raqesh is standing by her side. He makes a love symbol on his hand and keeps it on Shamitha’s upper chest.

02:00 PM

Shamitha, Raqesh, Nishaht and Divya are discussing about things and they laugh. Shamitha says they are getting bored. Nishant teases her and Raqesh.

05:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that they have completed fourty days. Even though it looks small, it is very big. It is obvious that many things would have happened which would have made them happy or sad. He says there must be memories which they wants to keep with themselves and there are memories which they may don’t want to. Now it is time to see the glimpse of it. The inmates clap. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to sit in the garden. Pratik hugs him and he shouts excited. Nishant sits in the garden as told by him. Nishant’s memories plays on the TV which makes them laugh. First they see Nishant’s memories with Raqesh. They also play how Pratik called him spineless. The video ends and the house mates gets emotional. They then play his memories with Pratik. They show his happy moments with Pratik and Moose. The video ends and Pratik gets emotional. Bigg Boss asks Nishant which memory he wants to take with him and which one he wants to destroy. Nishant says that he has his own reasons, they are friends from beginning and it will stay and when he thinks about his memories he never stood by him hence he wants to destroy it. Saying so he destroys his memory with Raqesh. Raqesh hugs Nishant. Followed by everyone. Nishant says he is happy to see the video.

06:15 PM

Next comes Shamitha and they play the memories of hers with Divya. There is only bitter memories of them. They next play the memories of hers with Raqesh. It shows their arguments about Divya and other events in the house. Bigg Boss asks her whose memory she wants to take witu herself and which memory she wants to destroy. Shamitha says she wants to destroy Raqesh’s because the photo is of one of a most unpleasant memory and her relationship with him is beyond this. She says now they are in a decent happy zone. She destroys it. Shamitha asks them to give her two minutes.

06:30 PM

Raqesh asks Shamitha what has happened to her and tells her that the thing has passed by now. She denies to say and then says it was unpleasant.

07:00 PM

Pratik sits on the chair now. They play the memories of his with Neha in the begining. He laughs seeing his memories with her. It shows how she has stood with him always. The house mates say nice. They then play his memories with Nishant. He says Nishant has bern with him all the time. He destroys Nishant’s saying he is with him. He wants to keep this because he is gone. He says love you to Nishant and Bigg Boss. Shamitha tells him that it was the cutest one. She hugs him followed by Raqesh. Nishaht says he has teared his pic and hugs him.

07:45 PM

Nishant tells Divya that thet will show memory of hers with Pratik and Shamitha. Divya says she is soo jealous. Shs has always been funny. She says she don’t want fighting or crying videos. Nishant teases her remembering all the memories. He says she was fun when they were playing mafia.

08:00 PM

Next comes Raqesh. They first play his memory with Shamitha. They play very beautiful memories in the begining. They also show she teared her letter for him. Bigg Boss says he has seen his memories. He asks him to destroy one and keep one with him. He says it’s difficult and tears Divya’s saying she has been his true friend and was with him all the time while he has never been with her. He says that Shamitha has been connected with him from the beginning. They had a good understanding. Hr wants to destroy Divya’s because he was never with her. He promises to become more better outside anc then promises to make more memories with Shamitha. The inmates clap for him. They hug him.

08:15 PM

Pratik tells Shamitha that they have seen good side of their journey. She says it was lovely. She says it was beautiful moment. Nishant says that Raqesh was looking like a hero in both the ways. Raqesh asks Shamitha whether she is okay. They both hug each other.

08:30 PM

Next comes Divya who sits on her hair. They first play her memories with Raqesh where they both argue with each other. In the video Raqesh says that the one who is wrong should apologise. He tells her that she is making it big. In the video Divya tells she is not here to fight. The video ends. They then show her memories with Nishaht where they both argued with each other as well where he says he is hungry as well. It also shows how Nishant chose her to be deserving for punishment. They laugh after the video ends. Pratik tells Nishant that he had thought him to be the hero. Bigg Boss asks her which memory she wants to keep with herself and which memory she wants to destroy. Divya says both the memories are bad fir her and asks whether she can destroy both. Divya destroys Raqesh’s and keeps Nishant’s there. Divya asks them whether they have seen how they were with her. They try to console her. Shamitha says they should have shown good memories as well. The house mates tease and laugh with each other. Nishant vows to stand with Divya. Shamigha says the show is over. Raqesh says good morning to him. Nishant says the show is about the past.

09:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that now it’s time for their report card and it’s the last report card. Bigg Boss has told them that it is not easy to entertain 24*7 but now they have entertained them. The audience are again happy with their performance. The house mates thank audience. Bigg Boss congratulates them for entertaining. He says they have got something for them. He asks Divya to bring from store room. She gets excited seeing the food. She reads the letter from Swiggy where it is said that they are congratulating them for becoming the finalists. Divya shows them ice cream. They share the ice cream.

09:45 PM

The house mates are having their Ice Cream happily. Shamitha comes to them. Nishant says that they happily stay.

12:45 PM

Pratik looks at his pic with Neha and shares about his emotions.

The Episode Ends

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