In this world everyone has to give tests in some or the other form. For our ITV shows this test happens in terms of viewership and result comes out as TRP. With this result, TRP coming after every week, the shows and production house is under utter pressure to create all their story lines very interesting so that they maintain their position on the TRP chart. For a show to forecast all tracks that keeps the audience glued to their show is very difficult and probablity is very low. Then we see a show coming through all these challenges and proving nothing is impossible, Kundali Bhagya. It has always maintenained it’s position in the TRP charts. Not just any random position but it’s maintained at number 1 position.

The main beauty of the show lies in their lead actor’s acting skills and the chemistry of Preran(Played by Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar). Both of them are very fine actors who are very polite in nature. These two have won so many awards for their acting and contributions to ITV industry. Recently, Dheeraj won Dada Saheb Palake award. Fans love their favourite couple Preran and always voot and ship them with full dedication.

Though Karan leaves Preeta right after their marriage, but CVs always gave fans hopes and ways for Prerna to land up together with each other. As CVs know that the togetherness of Preran is USP of Kundali Bhagya, they take care of it well. Makers don’t unit this two but also don’t completely make them apart. Makers and writers create amazing suspenseful tracks due to which fans who think they cant watch Preran separated, also tend to watch just to see what will happen ultimately in this twisted track. Fans wanting to resist watching cant resist as the tracks are that engaging.

Another very evident part that makes the show different from other shows is that there is politics and drama but there are no kitchen politics. Kitchen politics is a must for any ITV you pick but Kundali Bhagya has proved that keeping kitchen politics is old school. Even the vamps in this show have a very different approach to create havoc in the lives of the leads. These vamps are smarter and technologically better equipped. Showing that good always wins has become a very known fact for both movies and TV, to bring in a change and to make things unpredictable the makers have few times shown how the vamps have upper hand. This doesn’t mean they want to convey the message that being evil and shrewd is good but they want to show something different with a touch of reality.

TRP charts have continuously shown how much love and support Kundali Bhagya has from their fandom. This article today was to highlight the hardwork they have put in this journey of becoming number 1.

Kudos to the whole team of Kundali Bhagya. We hope they get more and more success ahead in time. Let us know your views on this. Keep Buzzin!