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In the Sony SAB show Dil Diyan Gallan, Salty will inform Rohan that she will give Shekhar to him today and she will try to take Shekhar out of the house. Will Salty be able to keep her promise? Will Salty get exposed? To know more check out below.

Earlier it’s seen that, Veer felt guilty for wiping Disha’s tears and he told about it to Maan. Maan gave Amrita’s letter to Veer saying that Amrita wanted him to give the letter to Veer when he gets married. Veer read the letter and learnt that Amrita want him to move on and love someone else. He tasted the sweet dish made by Disha.

Disha noticed Dilpreet is angry at her and she told about this to Sanjot. Sanjot gave the jewel to Disha which she bought for Amrita. She asked her to take care of the family because it’s her family too. Disha said thanks to her for loving her. Later, Sanjot told Dilpreet to not punish Disha for Salty’s mistake. She said they can’t do anything with Salty for Alia and Veer’s happiness. Veer told Maan to talk to Aastha.

In the upcoming episode, Salty will tell Rohan that she will give Shekhar to him today. She will try to take Shekhar and Alia out of the house.

Will Veer let Salty take Shekhar and Alia out?

Will Maan talk to Aastha?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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