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The episode starts with Arjun and Anand leaving to police station. Vasu comes there and waits for Arjun. Jaipal calls Vasu and asks if the process is over. Vasu says sfes waiting for the Arjun. They threaten her to kill her parents the more she delays. Vasu panics. Arjun and Anand meet with commissioner who enquires about Vasu and her health. They were about to say the reason for their visit when Vasu calls Arjun. Arjun makes excuse and goes outside. He attends the call with Anand.

 Vasu says about the kidnappers threat and asks him to come soon. Arjun says he will be there soon. Anand too gets tensed hearing Vasu and wonders whether they took wrong decision. He says Arjun that it’s important to go to register office than file complaint. Anand makes up some excuse and leaves with Arjun. Arjun and Anand reach Vasu and Vasu gets surprised seeing Anand. Arjun says that he’s partner in the company and have to sign too. Vasu thanks Anand while Anand says it’s nothing in front of what she did to their family. Vasu gets emotional hearing them. They all leave to complete the work.

Arjun presents the documents in registrar office and completes the procedure. They wait for registrar and Vasu is in hurry. Arjun meets with registrar and he checks the documents. He asks if they are signing it with their full consent and Arjun says yes. Later Arjun and Anand sign the papers. Vasu looks at it upset. Registrar completes the register and forwards the document. They all wait outside. Vasu feels guilty for their loss. She says she’s indebted to his family forever.

 Arjun says it’s not the time for all this. The officer says that the server is down and they can’t complete the registration procedure before 24 hours. Everyone gets worried about and Anand advises her to hand over the documents to them explaining the situation. Vasu calls the kidnappers and explains the situation. They say Vasu to hand over the papers to them alone. Vasu leaves there.

Vasu meets with them and hands over the signed documents. She asks for her parents but they ask her to go to home while they will send her parents directly. Vasu doesn’t believe them and denies leaving without her parents. They point a car and says her parents are inside there. Vasu rushes there only to find it empty while they both flee. Meenatchi gets her brother’s call wji says that they got the signed documents. Meenatchi says that it’s time for her to start the play and trap Vasunthara in it. Meenatchi meets with Paati and Iniya and asks for their support.

Meenatchi says that she’s going to complaint to Suchita about Vasu and is going to finish her chapter. She asks for their help to stand by her while she speaks with her. They agree readily. Meenatchi comes to Sumitra and Sumitra says about Silver Jubilee function and Arjun’s marriage. Meenatchi says she’s hesitant to reveal it to her. Sumitra asks what it is. Vasu misses her parents and pleads them to come back.