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Episode begins with Kalyani giving coffee to mihika and thanking her for her help. Mihika denies saying that she is doing it as they helped her. Malhar cones there and appreciates her acting. Kalyani and mihika look at eachother in wonder hearing him appreciate her. Mihika again talks closely with him which irritates him and he leave from there followed by mihika. Kalyani laughs at them. Aausaheb comes to kalyani and asks her as to what she is doing. She tells her that Anupriya is not only her daughter in law but her daughter as well. She asks about her where abouts to which Kalyani tells her that she won’t tell about her Mother’s where abouts to anyone not even Malhar and says that both Anupriya and Gungun need eachother and she will cross all the limits in keeping them together.

Aausaheb is sleeping thinking about Kalyani’s words when she sees a shadow on her window and thinking it to be Anupriya follows it. She gets shocked seeing Aparna and asks her as to how did she enter to which she replies she knows where the spare key is. Aausaheb asks her to leave. Aparna asks her as to whether she felt like her seeing her. She accuses her of not loving her and only loving Anupriya and Kalyani. Aausaheb tells her that kalyani is their blood only. Aparna emotionally manipulates her and shows her the property papers amd asks her to sign on it. Aausaheb gets furious.

Aparna tells her that if she makes the property on Anupriya’s name then she will make the property on Gungun and Kalyani’s name hence her moksh will be left with nothing. Aausaheb is about to sign the paper but gungun comes there and asks to sleep with her and says that may be she interrupted them and is about to leave but aausaheb stops her and tells her that she is here on right time. Aausaheb leaves from there after tearing and throwing the property papers on her face. Aparna turns to see Kalyani there who asks her to sign adoption papers. Aparna challenges her that kalyani herself will bring Anupriya and leaves from there.

Everyone is on the dining when Aparna comes there. They ask her as to why she is here to which she tells them that she is going to stay three days with them. Mihika comes there dressing as Anupriya. Aparna asks her for the wedding date and she tells Anupriya’s wedding date with Sarthak, Aparna says she got caught and tells her wedding date wigh atul to which mihika says that she is talking about her wedding with Sarthak. Aparna leaves from there in anger. Aparna brings album and asks mihika that she wants to frame atul’s photo and asks for her suggestion. Kalyani panics. Mihika points her finger at a photo. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani’s Face.