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The episode begins with Choti getting angry and irritated with her mother and she says for your baseless adamant so many things are happening in my in-laws house and you have no idea about all these. She says why are you stuck with your adamant of making Agastya the house based son-in-law.

Agastya comes there and takes away Choti from there saying things will be sorted soon but why are you bothering your mother for this? She has no fault in all these and asks her to calm down and takes away her from there and signs to his mother-in-law that he will manage the stuff on his own. Later at night, Mani and Aarav arranged for a boys night out and also dragged Agastya in all these and he declines to be a part of these things and says he has so much work in the morning and had to wake up early.

However, Mani and Aarav both stopped him and said there is so much drama going on in the house by ladies from long so today we will have our own time and will enjoy our time in the best possible way. They all are having one peg of drinks and Aarav asks for sorry from Agastya for behaving badly today morning with the guests who came to see Aarushi. He says to Agastya that maybe I overreacted with them and went extra which is not required.

Agastya says to him that you did exactly what is needed and I think we should hit him more and we didn’t do that enough. Mani says but my question is why Aarav feels more triggered than us for Aarushi? Agastya also asks him why did you react so much to her? Mani says all this is because of love, look at the amount of blushing he is doing just with the name of Aarushi. Agastya asks Aarav is there any such love process going on between you and Aarushi?

Aarav says nothing and he smiles shyly and looks down and Agastya says that means I am his brother-in-law till now but soon he is going to be mine and they all laughed. Mani says you two have got your partners in life but I am the only one who is still left and have no idea when I will get someone for myself. Agastya says like we got one for ourselves a good looking, innocent and caring and loving partner then you will also get.

Mani says I just wish I get one for myself before I become old. Agastya says you are waiting for someone you haven’t got yet for yourself but I have someone whom I am not able to meet due to my hitler grumpy mother-in-law Guddan , she has become the villain of our love story. He says I want to talk to my mother-in-law Guddan right now. He goes out in a drunken state and calls Guddan to come out and all come out of their room and gets shocked to see Agastya like that. He says to Guddan I have one beautiful wife and why are you coming in between our love story?

Along with him Mani and Aarav also come out and Agastya comes down and says to Guddan why are trying to make my colorful and beautiful life with my wife dull and black and white. What is the need of doing all these and he starts to dance on songs and Aarav drags Aarushi along with him and Pushpa thinks my son is already mad after Guddan and now Aarushi is falling hard for Aarav. Pushpa thinks everything is going out of hands slowly and I can do nothing.

Guddan takes her daughter CHiti inside and comes back with a bucket full of water and splashes it on Agastya to wipe off his drowsiness. She asks Agastya if he is back in his senses now as she can make him straight in the best and quickest way and Agastya and Guddan are watching each other.