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The episode starts with Choti saying please release Pushpa. But Agastya says nothing. He starts crying. Arushi says I know Pushpa has done wrong but at the end of the day she is our mother. How shall we live without her? Agastya hugs Arushi and Rashi.

Inspector scolds Pushpa and says you shameless how can you beat your daughter in law. That too when she is pregnant. She says please make a video of it and it should get viral. People should see how a cruel mother in law gets punished. She starts beating Pushpa with a stick. Choti stops her. Inspector says we took her with us because she tortured you now you are saving her.

Because of you, all bahus receive such treatments from their in-laws. Choti says you can’t beat her like that. Have you filed a case? Have you followed the procedure? I also can take action against you then you’ll have to answer. Inspector then leaves. Pushpa gets injured and starts crying due to pain. Choti says don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you. Talk to me.

Badi Guddan asks if Agastya is okay or not? She says don’t worry this too shall pass. Mani enters and says wow what a commendable job! He starts taunting Agastya that we should start worshipping you for what you’ve done. He gets angry. Agastya says I had to do it. It was necessary. Pushpa has crossed all limits.

Mani says you are trying to be great by giving her punishment. Police took Nia with them as well. They will catch Saru ma as soon as possible. Now you are happy right? Why my mother is suffering so much? When she apologized to Choti. Choti too has forgiven her. Then what’s the need of it. Badi says Pushpa is getting what she deserves. Mani says everyone laughs at me. I never said anything to anybody but now I will not stay quiet. He starts blaming Badi Guddan that his mother is in jail because of Badi Guddan.

She will have nightmares every day. She has made everyone’s life hell. He says Badi Guddan has so much pride in her. If she can do everything then she should bring Pushpa back anyhow otherwise he won’t let her live peacefully. Agastya slaps Mani and talks to Badi Guddan with respect. She is my Chasmish’s mother. Mani says you slapped me because of your so-called mother in law. You have not only become blind in love but you have become ass as well. You insulted our family by becoming gharjamai.

Mani says I don’t want to listen to anybody. I need my mother right now. Bring her back within 24 hours otherwise, I will burn the whole city. Agastya tries to calm him down but he says I will not listen to you. I am only giving you 24 hours. He leaves from there. Agastya goes behind him. Arushi tells Arav what is happening? Arav says I will talk to Badi ma.

Arav talks to Badi Guddan that noone is happy with Agastya’s decision. I also wanted that Pushpa should get punished. But what happened today has affected each one of us badly. Choti comes and says Badi Guddan that I want to congratulate you cause you won. You made Agastya a complete gharjamai. Now I will become a perfect daughter in law.

Episode ends.