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The episode begins with compounder telling vasudhara that the sir has called her into the office. He says even Mahindra sir is there. Vasudhara thinks that may be Rishi sir would have complaint about her to the seniors and thinks that she is not scared even if he has complaint about her. She goes inside the office to see everyone sitting there. She even sees Jagathi sitting there and wonders. A senior sir tells her that as they have promised she has got a chance to study in top most college in foreign.

Vasudhara remembers how they promised her. They ask her to chose one college. Mahindra tells her to chose the college she likes and tell them. Jagathi congratulates her. Vasudhara wonders as to why Rishi is not saying anything. Senior sir tells her that at one side he is happy that she is going and on the other side he is sad that she is leaving the college but they are happy for her. He asks her to chose one. Rishi thinks that she knows how to cover her emotions and they should learn from her. Vasudhara leaves from there. Rishi remembers about the peacock feather and goes behind her and gives her. Vasudhara says that she thought he will not give her to which he says that’s why he gave her.

Vasudhara is working in her restaurant when Rishi comes there. She goes to Rishi. He says congratulations to which she says there is no such item and asks him to chose for food item. He says that he is congratulating her. Vasudhara says there is no time for personal things as there are many waiting and asks him to order. At the same time two men call her in a disrespectful way. Rishi shouts at them. They say if she doesn’t come there, they will go to her. They go and humiliate her and Rishi’s relationship.

Rishi stands up from the chair but Vasudhara asking him to stop goes to their table and asks them to order. Rishi comes to her and shouts at her for not saying anything. Vasudhara says that customers as their God hence they should respect them and stay silent and keeps on talking about it. Rishi pushes a glass holder and telling Vasudhara that he lost respect in her leaves from there. Vasudhara sees his wounded hand and runs behind him. He makes her sit on his car and bringing her to a secluded place shouts at her abd even talks about how girls are.

Vasudhara asks him to stop and tells him that it is hard for them to understand ladies and also tells him as to why she didn’t slap them. She tells him about ladies thoughts and why they suppress their anger making him think. The Screen Freezes on Vasudhara and Rishi..