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The episode starts with Hemalata asking Indira about their Ram Navami at Bhosle’s residence. Hemalata tells Indira that the daughter in law of Bhosle’s family still believes in culture and manner. Indira tells Hemalata that some families are lucky to have a daughter in law who continues to follow Parth Puja. Hemalata ask Indira about Imlie.

Indira tells Hemlata that Imlie is sleeping and they are about to reach home. Surya wakes up Imlie. Hemalata welcomes Indira. Nirmala ask Indira that what happens to Imlie and Surya. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie has fight with Surya. Hemalata tells Indira that she told her that Imlie is tired and sleeping. Indira tells Hemalata that why to take Imlie’s side.

Hemalata tells Indira that Imlie and Surya are newly wedded couples and a small argument happens. Indira tells Hemalata that she can see her son stay in pain and she wants Surya to get free from Imlie. Surya and Imlie walks together silently. Surya enters Arjun’s room. Nirmala tells Malti that something major has happened between Surya and Imlie. Malti tells Nirmala that her brother is staying peacefully now. Imlie comes to her room and finds her book on the table. Imlie thinks about the argument between her and Surya. Imlie comes to Arjun’s room to talk Surya but Arjun tells Imlie that Surya has take painkiller and he is in a deep sleep.

Imlie walks away but Arjun tells Imlie that she can come inside and write in his bandages. Imlie tells Arjun to write the message that due to misunderstanding they had a fight but actually it’s not her and Surya’s fault. Arjun tells Imlie that he can write such a long message so it’s better that she write the message herself. Arjun leaves the room and Imlie starts writing the message.

Indira shows the saree to Hemlata that Bhosle has given them. Appa tells everyone that they should have to go in a Europe trip. Arjun comes down to take water. Malti ask Arjun that Surya has sleep or not. Malti wants to know Indira about Imlie and Surya’s fight. Indira blames Imlie for not allowing her son to stay in his room. Indira ask Arjun what happens between Imlie and Surya. Arjun tells Indira that Surya has sleep Surya in a small argument. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie is a voilent girl. Malti wants to teach lesson to Imlie. Indira tells everyone that no one will say a single word to Imlie and she will handle her now. Indira decides to call Imlie’s Mama and Mami.

In the next morning Nirmal tells Imlie call her family because Indira wants to meet them. Imlie calls Pallo Mami and tells her that Nirmla wants to talk them. Nirmala tells Pallo to come home with her family and her daughter in laws to come home. Pallo is happy to hear this information. Nirmala tells Malti that today Indira will insults Imlie’s family but she wants Surya not to stay at time. Imlie calls Mami and Mami tells Imlie to make strong arrangements for their welcome. Imlie tells Mami to think before she comes her. Mami tells Imlie that she is jealous because Bulbul is getting engaged.

Precap-Indira starts insulting Mami.

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