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Voot Select’s popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 viewers going to witness some cute nok jhok between Riddhima and Vansh before the closure of the show. Riddhima turns Mr. Roy for Vansh and the latter, who learns this, fools her.

In the previous episode it was seen that Riddhima fooled Chanchal saying that she can turn a silver coin into a gold coin if she turns around the tree and eats green chili. Chanchal believed her lie and decided to eat 50 chilis to get 50 gold coins.

Riddhima asked Vansh to tell about his wife. Vansh told that he’s wife is very boring and nagging which angered Riddhima. He then fooled Riddhima saying that she doesn’t have the spark. He says a man have some fantasies which a wife can’t fulfill it, so he goes out to fulfill it. Riddhima got angry hearing this and she shared about the same with Sia. Riddhima decided to show her cham to Vansh.

Aryan and Ishani found Chanchal going around the tree and eating chili. They scold her and made her realize that Roy fooled her. They decide to expose Roy as soon as possible.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Riddhima will tell Vansh that she wants to learn new things so that he doesn’t get bored. She wants to love him in new ways. Vansh will say that he only wants her love and changing one’s appearance to love the other isn’t love. He will kiss her and will say that she’s fine the way she’s.

Will Ishani and Aryan find out Roy is Riddhima? Will Riddhima learn about Sara’s murder and Aryan is the Black Mamba?

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