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Actor Jasmin Bhasin has been an ardent fan of reality show Bigg Boss over the last few years. Now, she is prepared to enter the 14th season of the show with full gusto. The show, which is famous for its controversial format, is also a hub for backstabbing and gossiping among contestants. However, Jasmin is all prepared for that.

“I am totally prepared about backstabbing and gossiping. Everyone comes to win the game and no one is there to make friends. I will try not to get emotionally attached with anyone and my biggest drawback is that I get emotionally attached with people. But I know I will get attached because that is just me,” she says.

However, no matter how difficult it gets, the versatile star is determined to not fake anything.

“Everything spreads like wildfire in there but I am not somebody who can pretend or fake. If I like somebody, I will like somebody. I will be as real as I could be. As natural and impulsive as I am. I will not think, strategize because that will make me boring as a person. I will just be myself,” she says.

The show which brings together different kinds of personalities inside a house and locks them up for 3 months, also witnesses many mood swings and fights.

Commenting on that, she says, “Mood swings is something that happens and is normal. I am very moody and I think others will have to tolerate it. I am no buddha or saint, if I don’t like someone’s behaviour, I will totally react for sure. I will not take any shit from any one.”

However, the actor is not entering with any game plan.

“I have no game plan. The only thing I am going to keep in mind is that I will only be myself and not try to be someone I am not. I have no regrets about the decisions I make, because I am very confident as the person I am and I am really proud of the person I am and the way I deal with my life. I don’t have any identity crisis because I like the kind of a person I am,” she says.