The episode starts with Sonakshi is trying to contact Rohit but he is unable to do so and is worried about him. Suddenly Pulkit comes while talking to Ajit over the phone about the time of their arrival at the venue. Suddenly he gets shocked and looks terrified and informed Sonakshi Rohit has met with an accident and he is admitted to a hospital. Sonakshi gets shocked to listen to this and Suman starts to get panicked. Sonakshi says to Pulkit to come with her and call Ajit to ask in which hospital Rohit is admitted and asks Suman to take care of the guests over there. Suddenly the light goes off from the event, a voice comes out and Sonakshi says Rohit. Rohit says as she came late for the engagement and so little compensation to that is mandatory. Sonakshi asks him to come in front of her and she will beat him. Rohit asks Rastogi, family, to tighten their seat belts and says Sippy family is here and as they will rock the floor now. Rohit dance performance along with his family on the song “Mast Kalandar” and Sona is all smiles and admiring him.

Rohit says so Sippy family beat the Rastogi family in dancing. Rohit says the credit for this dance performance doesn’t belong to me, the entire credit goes to Raima, she choreographed all of us. Raima comes on the dias and everybody clapped for her.

Pooja and Praneeti come on the stage and kickstart the sangeet ceremony by announcing the dance performances by Sippy family. Sippy family imitate the Rastogis and Deepa aunty acted as Sonakshi and presented some moments of Rohit and Sonakshi’s love story. Rohit and Sonakshi watching the whole performance sitting together and they are giggling and blushing and discussing with each other about each and everything.

Post the performances Rohit and Sonakshi standing together and talking to their family members when Mahesh push a waiter and he spills a drink over the dress of Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets upset and is going to wash the stain when Rohit says he will also accompany her. She asked Rohit to stay there and she will manage it herself.

Rohit is still reluctant to go with her when Mahesh says to Deepa aunty something in a way to stop Rohit from going with Sonakshi.
Later on, Mahesh says to Sonakshi that Ravi the driver of Rohit is innocent and he was framed falsely by the real culprit in this whole fiasco. Sonakshi gets shocked to listen to his words and she gets upset over the fact Rohit pretended and lied to her about the whole thing when he is aware about the actual truth. Mahesh things his plan of creating a rift between Rohit and Sonakshi is successful.

Precap – Rohit and Sonakshi argues with each other.