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The episode starts with Prerna waking up shouting Anurag’s name. Kukki asks what happened and Prerna says that it’s a bad dream. Kukki asks her to take rest.

Next day morning Bajaj shows Prerna the magazine cover which has her photo in it. He says that she’s going to receive business woman of the year award and it says how much she developed Bajaj City destroying Basu City project.

Prerna takes the magazine and says that she will not leave any chance to destroy Anurag. She leaves with the magazine to Basu Badi. Kukki says Bajaj about Prerna shouting Anurag’s name having nightmare. Komolika thinks that she will not let Prerna steal her husband from her.

She decides to seduce him as she has the right as a wife. Anurag comes there and Komolika tries seducing him. Anurag says that he can understand what she’s doing and asks her to stop it. He says that not only now but even 8 years before only Prerna mattered to him.

Komolika reminds him that she’s Bajaj’s wife but Anurag says that according to him she’s only his Prerna. Komolika says that only she has right on everything about him and Anurag leaves pushing her away. Komolika fumes.

Anurag thinks why did his determination to reveal the truth to Prerna is fading away now. He realizes that Durga pooja is about to start and they need to make matarani idol. He thinks that whenever he hears the sound of holy kank something good happens in his life. He wishes for the same this time too and prays matarani. Prerna enters at the same time into the house. Both Prerna and Anurag cross path but miss each other. Anurag feels Prerna’s presence but thinks its his hallucinations as she can’t be there.

Prerna comes to Mohini and Nivedhita and asks for Anurag. Mohini says he’s not here but she won’t believe her. Nivedhita gets Anurag’s call who asks her to come to meeting. Prerna spots Komolika and says she’s there which is enough for her.

She shows them the magazine and the details in it. She asks if she is a fool to just give away 51% share for her blackmailing. She says she knows better to save the orphanage. Komolika thinks that Samidha is not much value to Prerna. She challenges Prerna that she will definitely get the 51% shares by any means but will not leave the orphanage.

She says that she’ll destroy it for sure. Prerna says that she will add more achievements in the future but the orphanage is more important for her.

She asks her to bring the papers and she’ll sign 51% on her name. Komolika gets shocked and immediately rushes to get the papers. She’s rejoicing her victory calling Prerna an emotional fool.

Nivedhita comes there and says Anurag will never agree for this. Komolika says she knows to handle Anurag and orders her to get the papers. Nivedhita leaves to get the paper while Komolika is happy. Prerna waits for the papers while Mohini leaves to kitchen.

Precap : Samidha spots Prerna and rushes without noticing the vehicles. Bajaj and Anurag face off