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Episode starts with Priyanka asking Prerna to adopt her daughter Sneha and take her. Prerna is surprised and says Sneha? Priyanka corrects herself and says you said that Samedha reminds you of Sneha. Prerna says yes. Priyanka thinks how she is forced not to say the truth but once Prerna adopts Samedha, she will tell everything. They leave to go to prepare papers.

On their way, Kuki’s friend calls Prerna and tells her how Kaushik took Kuki with him forcefully and locked the library from inside. Prerna panics and then calls Anurag. Prerna scolds Anurag for teaching ill to Kaushik. Anurag explains how Kaushik is a good person, he knows him. Prerna says even you were good but see what happened. Anurag asks Prerna to calm down and drive safely. He also tells that he will be there too.

Inside the library Kaushik keeps on telling Kuki how much he loves her but Kuki is not ready to trust him and says that she doubts if he can ever love someone. Kaushik says believe whatever you want to but never say that I can’t love as I love you so much and can’t live without you. Kuki is looking at him shocked. Kaushik also adds how against his promises not to fall in love he still did.

At University, Anurag and Prerna arrive, Prerna panics and shouts at Anurag. She says whatever ill he did to her in past was everything just to hurt her. Anurag grabs Prerna by her hand and explains her how he has always done everything to protect her, he has and always will take care of her no matter what. Prerna stops saying anything. Kuki’s friend arrives and she asks them to come to the library.

In the library, Kuki remembers past moment when Mr. Bajaj informed him how he thinks Kaushik is a not so good boy. Then, Kuki says neither my dad nor me like you. She leaves from there, just while going shr slips and few shields fall on her head. She fell unconsciously on the ground. Kaushik goes to try to wake her up and then sees blood from her head. He picks her up and rushes outside, where he sees Prerna and Anurag. He tells them we can talk later but first we need to go to hospital.

They all reach hospital. Doctor is curing Kuki. Outside in the hall, Kaushik is asked what he did with Kuki. Anurag also says it’s important, and that he must speak up. Kaushik tells them how Kuki was misunderstanding him and he took her to confess his immense love for her. He adds that Kuki didn’t believe her and was about to leave but she slipped and few shields fell on her head.

Kaushik is emotional and says that he shouldn’t have taken her but he loves her so much and Kuki was not trusting my words only. Anurag hugs him and says love is difficult and full of Kasautis, and that everything will be fine with time. Anurag gets a call from Komolika so he excuses herself. Prerna also consoles Kaushik by saying don’t worry just give her some time.

Here, Anurag is talking Komolika, who seems happy from her voice. Anurag asks her, in the morning she was sulking in loss what happened now. Komolika says I can also hit a jackpot and be happy, even you will be happy.

Anurag says yes you can hit a jackpot and be happy but I don’t know if I will be happy as happiness for Komolika is snatching someone else’s happiness and peace and destroying them, and all these things don’t make him happy. Komolika says just come home fast, to find out about my jackpot. Anurag says yes, I will, now don’t irritate me. Komolika thinks how well Anurag knows her as this happiness is due to Prerna’s destruction only.

At hospital, Prerna asks Priyanka to prepare the adoption papers by herself as she will be staying with Kuki for a while. Anurag listens to this, and after Priyanka leaves, he asks Prerna is she adopting a kid now? To this, Prerna is cold and says yes then what. Anurag asks her why?

Prerna says how do you care? It’s all because of you I dont have my own child. Anurag is shocked and asks her what did he do? Prerna says you must remember when you betrayed me and pushed me from the bridge, that day I died because my Anurag, my Love betrayed me and I didn’t want to live but then I remembered about Sneha and decided to live but because of you, I lost her.

Anurag is shocked. Prerna adds how he gave Sneha in Asharam and when later that day Prerna went to Asharam, it had got fire and theg informed her that the kid who came today died. Prerna cries, Anurag is shocked and says what? I never knew about this. Prerna says it’s all because of you. Anurag remembers all the time with Sneha and he gets really emotional. Anurag hugs Prerna and they both cry.

Kaushik goes to ask the doctor but he didn’t answer anything. Then he goes to the room where Kuki is and nurse tells him it’s so unusual that from such a small injury this girl has gone to coma. Kaushik is shocked and talks to Kuku that he will bring her back.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prerna reaches asharam and informs Chandrika that she wants to adopt. Chandrika asks who do you want to adopt. Prerna says Samedha. Chandrika says it’s not possible as she has been adopted by someone. Prerna asks by whom. Chandrika says we can’t reveal. Priyanka says what if we show the register to Prerna and not tell. Prerna gets the idea and snatches the register while Priyanka pulls Chandrika. To this, Chandrika slaps Priyanka. Prerna finds out who adopted Samedha