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Episode starts in Basu mamsion where Anurag warns Komolika that he will never let Komolika harm Prerna. Just then Prerna is heard entering Basu mansion shouting for Komolika . Mohini gets angry n asks Nivedita to stop this girl as she is intolerable . Nivedita calms Mohini. Mohini then suggests that they should call police, they will handle Prerna. Mohini thinks that’s ideal .Prerna shouts for Samedha. Samedha hears Prerna. Komolika comes to the balcony , asks Prerna if she had loud speakers fitted in her throat . Komolika also asks her to keep her voice low as it is disturbing this mansion.

Anurag comes and tells Prerna that he had no idea about this adoption. Komolika says Anurag was the one who suggested that Prerna was very attached to this child so before Prerna can adopt her, they should adopt the girl, Anurag is shocked and asks Komolika when did he say this Prerna fumes at them and orders them to return her Samedha. She accuses Anurag of handing over her baby to Chandrika . Anurag says he did hand her but asked her to hand over the baby to Prerna . Komolika asks when did he say that. Prerna gets angry at both of them , she accuses Anurag of knowing that Samedha was Sneha and that’s why he snatched her away .

Anurag is shocked to learn Samedha is Sneha. Komolika states she would not cancel the adoption and asks Anurag and Prerna to sort out their matter between themselves n walks away .

Here, at market place Kaushik reaches tea stall and chai waala informs he was called by that girl, Kaushik is surprised to see Kukki waiting for him.Kukki apologises to Kaushik. She says that she is guilty for lying to him, then she goes down on her knees n proposes to him holding a red rose. Passers by gather and cheer .Kukki pleads him to think of her poor knees . Finally Kaushik lifts her up and hugs her . All cheer n clap . Kaushik and KuKi hug .

Anurag goes to Samedha’s room , she removes her head phones ans smiles at Anurag . Anurag showers his love and affections on Sneha , he observes his daughter from head to toe n hugs her. All happy moments he had with Samedha and Prerna come flooding to his mind.

Anurag sheds tears of joy and he showers his affections on the kid. Samedha wipes his tears and asks why was he crying and if he felt hurt as she wanted Prerna as her mom and not Komolika Anurag assures Prerna was her mom, Samedha asks Anurag to become her dad . Anurag is shocked , and then he smiles . He wipes his tears , it was 8 long years searching his daughter , wondering how she looked , but now that he had found her , he was over joyed to find her , he pleads her to call him papa, she calls him “Papa” Anurag is over whelmed he showers his daughter with kisses.

Anurag assures her he will get her mumma here , he was going to get her , he asks her to promise that she will remain in the hidden secret place where he hid her until his return , that she will not come out of hiding until,he returned , he pleads her to play this game with him Sneha does pinky promise . He does the same.

Elsewhere, Komolika is seen handing Prerna photo to contract killers and asking them to kill her by evening . She is willing to pay them as much they demanded , they had to give her proof of her death. Goons assure her.Komolika gloats that Prerna had planned to have dinner with Sneha , but she will reach hell before dinner time. Goons are waiting in a truck and they locate Prerna driving her car , they inform Komolika that the target had been found , Komolika orders them to finish her off .They speed after her car. She crosses the signal point while they are forced to stop at the red light .

At Basu mansion Mohini tells Komolika that today it was proved that they were not wrong while accepting Komolika as the bahu of this family, today she had proved her worth by getting back the daughter of this house. Mohini tells Komolika the daughter of this family has been brought home, by you , she is very thankful to her for getting back Anurag’s first child .

Being the Bahu of Basu family she has only two options for Komolika. Either Komolika teaches Prerna a lesson so that she never ever returns to Basu mansion or Komolika leaves this city never to return again. Komolika finds the second option very boring but the first one is very interesting . This could be her final revenge , this time it would be permanent. She will plan a murder which will look like an accident. Anurag over hears and exclaims with shock.

Precap – Goons call Komolika and informs her how a guy came and saved her. Komolika is irritated and asks the goons to kill Anurag too. Mohini hears and stands shocked.