Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2020 Written Update on Justshowbiz.net

Episode starts with Prachi scolds Ranbir for throwing tea on her dress. Ranbir apologies to her and notices Maya outside their room from keyhole and asks Prachi to act. Maya about to pour kerosene but stops overhearing Ranbir and Prachi love talks. Ranbir says I will divorce Maya after shaddi and comes to you because I love you. Prachi thinks why she is liking Ranbir words.

Dimpi informs Meera that Rhea is still unconscious. Dimpi cries thinking she failed as a mother and prays for Rhea. Maya about to kill herself but she stops when she get call from her bade Papa, he informs her that he is coming to her Sangeet. Maya cries listening his words and informs him that Ranbir loves someone and rejects her. Bade Papa says I will resolve the issue. Maya says I can’t live without him so I will die. Bade Papa promises her that he will perform her marriage with Ranbir. Maya says sorry Bade papa but I can’t live and she cuts the call.

Ranbir happily informs his mother that his marriage is cancelled with Maya. His mom feels happy and asks him to come to home for celebration. Maya about to jump from the building but she again gets interrupted by bade Papa call and she informs him that she can’t live and accidentally she fell down. Bade Papa gets shocked thinking she is dead.

Badepapa calls Ranbir but he cuts the call. Dushyant calls Sharma and asks for his help informing about Maya. Sharma asks him to send the photo of Ranbir. Pallavi calls Pragya and happily informs Pragya that Maya broke up with Ranbir because of Prachi help and thanks her. Pragya smiles and congrats her.

Pragya thinks why Prachi didn’t inform me, maybe she is waiting for confirmation. Ranbir attends Dushyant call. Dushyant introduced himself and about to shout on him but Ranbir cuts the call. Dushyant calls him again. Ranbir asks him what happened. Dushyant says why you wanted to breakup with Maya when you promised to marry her.

Ranbir says ask Maya to move on, because it’s misunderstanding and your brother is behind my family, now everything is over. Dushyant says it’s not over, it’s starting because Maya killed herself for you, you forced her to kill herself because she can’t handle your hate, I will die but I won’t let you come out from jail for this crime, you can’t escape from me. Ranbir gets shocked.