We know that Kukum Bhagya was a hit among the viewers and beacuse of that the makers started it’s spin-off named Kundali Bhagya. Surprisingly, viewers loved both the shows. These shows are on top 5 TRP list maximum time.

Now rumour says that makers are all set for another spin-off soon to be started on Zee TV under the name of Kutumb Bhagya. This s show will replace Ishq Subhanallah. Makers are pretty sure it will grab the attention of viewers just like thier last two shows. The audition for this new spin-off has already begun.

These makers are always so creative with their unique twists and turns that even we are excired what new theme will they introduce this time. Will there be new faces? What will be it’s connection with the other two shows? Answers to all these questions are yet to be discovered. Keep following us to know more updates on your favourite show! Let us know your views on this! Keep Buzzin!