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Episode begins with Karan holds Preeta’s hand which startles her. He says before marriage he used to sleep with Rishab by holding his hand. She tries to take back her hand and asks him to give her hand to her. He leaves her hand and sleeps. She adores his face and was about to touch him but he opens his eyes and she acts like sleeping and he holds her hand again and kisses her forehead (Thodi der song plays in the background). They were about to kiss but she shouts seeing lizard on the wall. He tells her to not shout.

Sristy hears Preeta’s shouting. Sarla and Janki too comes out and Sarla says seems like thief came to Preeta’s room. Sristy thinks how to stop Sarla because Karan is with Preeta. Sarla gets confused seeing Sristy standing behind her and asks what is she doing here instead of sleeping with Preeta. Sristy says she came out to go to bathroom and lies she shouted not Preeta. Sarla says thief roaming in their area only and Preeta would have shouted seeing him. Janki goes to bring broomstick.

Karan asks how can Preeta get afraid of lizard. She says now she is thinking how to hide him from Sarla. He says they are husband and wife. She says Sarla told him to come back next morning so if she saw him now then it’s like not listening her.

Arora’s enters the room. Sarla asks the thief to come out if he is hiding in the room then otherwise she will call the Police. Janki says they are not afraid of him and threatens him. Sarla says he is not going to come out like this and tells her daughters to search instead of standing like this.

Janki says she found thief but shocks seeing Karan and changes the topic. Sristy says they searched everywhere and window is closed too so thief didn’t entered the house and tells her to go to sleep. Sarla tells Sristy to sleep with Preeta and leaves from there. Preeta thanks Janki for saving them.

Next day, Karan gives roses to everyone. Preeta asks why he is late. Sristy tells Sarla to send Preeta as soon as possible. Karan says Rakhi waiting for them. Preeta and Karan takes Sarla’s blessings and they leaves from there. Sarla says she should be happy now but she is feeling strange.

Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house. Kareena stops Preeta from entering the house and asks why he brought her here when Krithika’s marriage stopped because of her. Dadi says Preeta would have called him. Karan he himself went to take Preeta and he even promised to Sarla that he will support his wife always. Kareena asks why he didn’t discuss about it to her.

Rakhi says Karan stayed gloomy all the time without Preeta and now she is happy that he brought Preeta and tells them to go to their room. Kareena says Preeta doesn’t has any rights to stay happy. Sameer says he is happy to see them together. Mahira shocks seeing them together and tells about it to Sherlyn and asks what she has to do now.

Sherlyn says she is not interested in Mahira’s sad story and leaves from there. Girish says he missed Preeta. Preeta says she too missed them. Karan asks did she missed him. She changes the topic and asks where is he going. He says Rishab is not here so he has attend meeting in the office.

Episode ends.




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