“Mission Mangal”, a cinema story inspired by the Mangalyaan mission is creating raves at the box office and now with “M.O.M. Mission Over Mars” digital media is ready to have a Mangalyaan story of its own.
AltBalaji is bringing this new digital series inspired by true events of Mangalyaan Misssion in a fictionalised version of the same.
The makers stated a disclaimer saying, “#MissionOverMars is a fictional adaptation of the real life heroes at ISRO who work at Mangalyaan. As per our legal and contractual obligations we cannot use actual names or images of either the people, objects or agencies in any publicity material.”

The trailer is being lead by Mona Singh, Sakshi Tanwar, Nidhi Singh and Palomo Ghosh. In the trailer, ISA-the space agency is putting itself in competition with China in a mission to Mars after losing the space race to the moon.

In a scene, Mona Singh’s character Moushumi Ghosh, says “Mission To Mars Nahi, Mission Over Mars, M.O.M.” clearly putting forward the ambition to which Nidhi’s character replies, “Mom toh kabhi nirash nahi karti”
Officials aren’t keen on pressing their trust on the scientists, their time is cut short from 54 months to 18 months and there isn’t enough funding, statistically meaning, as Mohan Joshi’s character says, “Mom ke success ke chances zero ke barabar hain”
But they fight obstacles and reach the day. There is a line that kind of pushes the evelope of the mission if feminism too which is equality. Someone says, “Badhiya PR Story ban jayegi, ISA ki All Women Team” to which Sakshi Tanwar’s character replies, “ISA mein tram scientists aur engineers ki hoti hai, men ya women ki nahi”

M.O.M. Mission over Mars looks fully focused on the mission and the stress and conflicts and obstacles the scientists had to overcome for it to be successful.
With seasoned actors like Mona Singh and Sakshi Tanwar, the show promises to be great. This show is clearly one of the bigger and more ambitious projects of Alt Balaji and they seem to be faring in it judging from trailer.
The series is directed by Vinay Waikul and is produced by Endemol Shine India. The series will be realeased for streaming on 10th of September.
Watch the trailer here if you still haven’t;