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The episode begins with Mayuri tries to instigate Veer against Bani saying he is such a open-minded and flexible husband that his wife can go anytime to meet anyone. She thinks after five minutes no one can control Veer’s anger and he will kill Bani for sure. Bani says she saw how Veer hid Teer’s coffin. She decides to take her revenge on Veer using Teer’s coffin.

Shukla orders someone to bring Veer saying he saw Bani. Veer struggles to control himself. Mayuri acts like she is concerned for him. Veer says he could not able to control himself. Mayuri says when he is struggling here like this but Bani went to the temple without informing him. He gets angry hearing her and asks why he was not informed about it and leaves from there. Mayuri tells Sunny to be ready with the plan. She meets Shukla and he asks her about Veer.

Bani drags Teer’s coffin but Veer stops her. He asks how dare she to touch his brother’s coffin and orders her to put the coffin from where she got. Mayuri tries to kill Bani to get her powers. Bani tells Veer to not come in her way. She says he used her weakness and married her forcefully. He says he gave her a choice, he did right with her for killing his brother.

She says his brother deserved death. He warns her to not talk about his brother. He says the moon’s light should not touch his brother. She says he already dead then why the moon’s light should not touch him. She asks how can he forget how he treated Noor’s dead body. He asks her to not make him angrier. She says she wants to witness his anger and pushes him aside. He says today she invited her death and asks how can she do this with his brother. Mayuri and Jay try to kill Bani but fails.

Veer says Bani lied to him and wanted to kill him by giving poison. Shukla says Bani saved because of Veer. Mayuri says today it’s not their day and they leave from there. Veer falls down and becomes unconscious. She gets confused and realizes that his body becoming cold.

Jay yells at Mayuri. Mayuri says she doesn’t know Veer will save Bani. She says they may get more chances like this in the future. He says when he recalled his past that time he also remembered how injustice happened with him by giving all the strength to Naageshwari but not him.

Mayuri says he need not to worry now, she is here to help him. He says Cheel’s enemy is his friend and they recalls how they become one team. Mayuri asks did he love Bani or not. He says he loves her but he needs his strength and for that, he needs to lose his love.

Balwant asks Bani what happened to Veer. Taapish says Veer’s body color changes and seems like someone poisoned him. Balwant asks Bani did she saw when someone giving poison to him. He asks Mayuri did she gave poison to Veer. Bani remembers about the medicine which can save Veer. Balwant warns Mayuri to stay away from Veer otherwise he won’t leave her.

Mayuri informs Jay that Bani going to get the medicine to save Veer. So Jay goes to the temple and tricks Pandit and takes the medicine from him. Bani comes there and takes the wrong medicine from there. Pandit tries to warn Bani but Jay stops him and attacks him. Pandit slaps Jay and says he can’t do anything only Lord Shiva can do and he did wrong by betraying Bani.

Jay kills Pandit and says this is called real betrayal. Balwant yells at everyone saying why they are not getting medicine to save Veer. Shukla says they can get medicine only from the temple but they can’t go there now. Bani comes there with the medicine. Balwant asks how she got it but she ignores him and goes to Veer’s room. She puts the medicine on him and says it’s not like she doesn’t want to kill him but he can’t die this way. Balwant and others wait outside. Bani wonders why medicine not working and gets worried.

Bani thinks poison keep spreading in Veer’s body and medicine too not working so she decides to use her poison to save him saying now only her poison can kill the poison which is spreading on him. She prays to God to forgive her for using her power. She recalls how he married her also the moments they shared with each other and saves him. He wakes up and teases her for the kiss. He says he doesn’t remember what all happened but he won’t forget what she did with his brother’s coffin. Veer’s family gets happy seeing him alive especially Balwant. Mayuri informs Jay that Veer is alive now and thanks Jay for helping her by saving Veer. Jay shocks hearing her and throws everything in anger. He wonders how Bani saved him and says Veer and Bani getting close to each other and he has to stop that by killing Veer.

Veer asks Taapish who saved him. Taapish says he already told him that Bani saved him. Veer asks what Bani wants and says he is going to check Teer’s coffin. She says she just wants freedom from him. He says she can do whatever she wants but she won’t get freedom from him.

Veer checks Teer’s coffin and realizes that Bani did nothing with it. He asks why Bani didn’t tried to clear his misunderstanding and why she did that drama with Teer’s coffin. She says she wants him to hate her and she wants freedom from him. He says she tried to kill him. She says she saved him. He laughs at her. She says even though she instigated him still he didn’t raise his hand on her so she thought it’s her responsibility to save him. He shocks hearing her and she realizes what she said. He thinks Bani didn’t try to kill him then who is that unknown enemy.

Bani wonders who tried to kill Veer. Veer suspects Mayuri. Ponky announces that he and Mayuri wanna marry each other. Monky asks how it happened. Pawan tells her to think about her decision again. Mayuri informs them about their engagement. Ponky proposes Mayuri in front of everyone.

Mayuri asks Veer how was her surprise. Jay meets Bani and asks why she didn’t killed Veer when she had a chance. She says he was in unconscious state then how can she attack him. He says he is worried for her safety. She says she feels guilty for killing Teer. He says she need not to feel guilty. She informs him about Ponky and Mayuri’s engagement.Jay thinks why Mayuri’s didn’t informed him about her this plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani’s face changes and she thinks Singhania’s should not know about her truth.

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