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The episode starts with Veer asking how she agreed to dance with him. Bani says that maybe she doesn’t hate him as much as he thinks or maybe she doesn’t hate him at all. She asks her why he is doing all this. He replies that it’s for fun.

Veer’s cousins mock Jay and tries to force him to drink but Jay clenches the grip over one’s hand. Veer’s one cousin wonder from how he got so much strength.

Bani calls Veer Gabbar Singh of Sholay and asks if he remembers what happened to Gabbar in the movie. Veer says that he isn’t scared because he feels like he has already died by her hands earlier. He asks her for another dance but she denies. He says that she said she doesn’t hate him though.

One of Veer’s cousin smells the presence of a Naagin as Naina enters and he informs Taapish and Balwant indicating Naina. Balwant orders to kidnap her and then they will find out if she is an ichadaari Naagin or Aadhi Naagin.

Before Bani goes to Naina, Veer drags her aside confronting her about why she hates him so much. He says that he is attracted towards her because she doesn’t fear him and he feels like there is an old relation between them.

Naina goes to Jay but suddenly lights turn off. Someone kidnaps Naina distracting Jay by dropping his phone. Veer’s cousins mock Jay and then go to some girls inviting them to the basement where a party is going on underground. Veer gets suspicious.

Tapish sees his father kidnapping some girls and says that he thought they had stopped this business but Balwant says that he does this for some personal reasons.

Bani goes to Jay and the two go to check what happened to lights finding out that main switch has disappeared. They suspect that something bad is happening as also Naina has disappeared after Noor. Bani wants to go to check but Jay stops him since he is scared for him. He convinces her to let her go. He asks her to take care. She leaves.

Veer goes in the basement. His cousin tries to distract him with talks but Veer asks him to shut up. He says that they are handling an order of alcohol. The others put Naina in a barrel and puts it in a van.

Veer goes to confront Balwant who is standing in front of van asking what they are doing there. They lie that they are returning a wrong order of crockery. He doesn’t trust his father but gets assured when Tapish tells him that it’s crockery only.

Bani is looking around for Naina but one of Veer’s cousins try to stop him. He gets a call and says that van will leave in a while. Bani overhears that.

Balwant sits in car and Shukla tells him that van will start and then after ten minutes bomb will blast so if Aadhi Naagin is one among the girls, she will die.

After a while, van starts. Bani leaves a voice message for Jay saying that she is following Singhanias’ van and tells him that the youngsters are in parking lot and she feels they are upto something. She transforms into a snake and follows the van.

Bani manages to rescue the girls and Naina after entering in the van and scaring the driver as a snake.

Jay listens to Bani’s voice message. He bumps into Veer and threatens him not to spare him if anything happens to Bani as she is following their van. Veer is left confused.

Bani takes all girls out of van which has stopped at the edge of a hill. She is about to take Naina out but just then the bomb blasts. Bani is about to fall down but Veer, as eagle, reaches there and grabs her on time. She is unconscious. He puts her on ground and scolds him for being so careless. Just then, he realizes that he saved a life and wonders why he did so. He says he has never done such a craziness but did it for the first time just for Bani. He lifts Bani in his arms and his wings appear. He flies in the sky with Bani in his arms. He recalls their moments. “Dil ibaadat” plays.

Jay is worried for Bani. He gets shocked watching the news of the van blasting. He rushes to the car.

Veer reaches a house and lies Bani on the bed. He stares at her recalling their moments. He lights up a fire. When her phone rings, he switches it off. Veer holds Bani’s hand and looks at her. He leaves.

Jay reaches the blast spot. He is very tensed. He asks a police officer to let him check the spot since her friend was behind the van but they don’t allow him.

Bani gets conscious and wonders where she is. She finds the earring that she had lost days back. She goes on balcony and calls Jay informing him that he is fine. She sends him her location. Veer overhears everything and is enraged.

Jay reaches Bani who comes out but then goes back again to get her earring. She is surprised to see that the earring isn’t there. Veer has it. He glares at Jay with whom Bani sits in car.

Bani and Jay are in car. Bani doesn’t remember anything. She touches her wound which is sign of Veer’s claws and suddenly feels very angry. She asks Jay to stop the car immediately. He does that and she rushes out reaching an empty spot. She screams and transforms half into a snake destroying the trees.

She wonders why she felt so angry touching her wound. Jay reaches there and asks what’s all this seeing the trees. Bani says that she felt a little claustrophobic. Jay wonders how such huge trees fell down. Bani says that earthquake must have come.

Veer drops Bani home. The two get shocked seeing Veer’s car there. They both rush inside the house as Bani worries for her family. She gets angry seeing Veer sitting inside. Meera gives him tea. Bani bashes him. Ritu reveals Bani that he has come with marriage proposal. Bani gets shocked and refuses to marry him. She says that she isn’t ready.

Veer says that nobody asked her to be ready since the proposal is for Meera. Veer says that he understands it’s embarrassing. Ritu says that he shouldn’t feel bad for Bani’s words as Meera is ready. Meera confirms being ready. Bani is shocked. Veer says that Roka is ready and Meera will become daughter-in-law of Singhanias’ while Bani will become “Jija’s Sali”

Episode ends

Precap: Bani sees flashes of a village. Bani and Jay reach the temple where Baba thanks Bholenath for giving them back their Aadhi Naagin and her companion. Bani does tandav to please Shiv Ji asking who she is. Jay transforms into a Naag.


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