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The episode starts with Anu and her family discussing about whom to invite to the celebration party. They decide Surya’s mother and Anu’s colleague except Meera. Anu texts Surya about the get together. She then phones Sharda and invites her as well. Surya reads the message and smiles. After the meeting, Surya asks Meera if he has any important meeting scheduled tonight. Meera replies negatively. Surya says good as he has an important get together to attend. Pushba goes to Ranjini’s home and invite her and Ragupathi to the get together. Ragupathi taunts her with Surya. Anu gets upset as Surya texts her that he can’t attendvher party as he has some important work.

Pushba and Poorni discuss about the menu for the get together. Poorni and Anu leave for market. Pushba asks Subu why he called Surya for the party. Subu says that Surya has helped lot for Anu’s studies. They can thank Surya on this occasion and also they can announce in front of all about searching a match for Anu.

Sharda phones Surya to ask him to accompany her to Anu’s get together, but refuses saying he has an official get together to attend. Sharda tries to tell that Anu invited her, but Surya doesn’t let her finish. Ramya finds Anu upset and questions about the same. Anu tells that Surya texted her that he can’t come. Ramya cheers her up and tells her to get ready for Sharda She suggests Anu wearing the saree she bought in the auction at the temple. Ramya tells to wear the necklace set gifted by Sharda. Anu liked the idea. Anu takes that saree out of the cupboard and gets flashes of her previous birth.

At the get together, Sapna arrives. Anu’s parents asks Sapna about other staffs. Sapna says that they could not come as they have some personal work. Surya arrives. Anu’s parents welcome them and thank Surya. Pushba asks Sapna if there is any person named Nambi in his office. Sapna says that the security guard of the warehouse name is Nambi, but he’s a fifty years old man.

Pushba asks if there’s anyone with the same name. Sapna says that she doesn’t know. Sharda comes to Anu’s house. Surya gets surprised on seeing Sharda there. Sharda teases Surya if this is his important get together and tells that he could have come with her. Surya apologizes saying that he doesn’t that she is coming to Anu’s get together. Sharda asks about Anu. Pushba says that Anu is getting ready at Ramya’s house and she sends Sambath to call her.

Ramya helps Anu to get ready. Ramya compliments Anu’s look and teases her. Anu asks if Surya will come. Ramya had enough of Anu’s question. Sambath comes to them and informs that Surya has come. Anu gets elated, but refuses to go as Surya played a prank on her. Sambath tells that even Sharda has come. Anu rushes to meet Sharda.

The lights go off. The lights come again when Anu arrives there. Surya gets mesmerized on seeing Anu. The latter takes Sharda’s blessings. Sharda compliments Anu’s beauty. She notices that Anu wearing the necklace she gifted her and tells Surya that it looks nice on Anu. Surya and Anu share an eye lock.

The episode ends.