Nishant Malkani playing lead in Tumse Na Ho Payega Guddan loves yoga. He says, “Yoga has lots of benefits, it helps us to get a healthy state of mind and body, it relaxes and calms us down and makes us a wiser human being as we put so much time to introspect while we are doing it. Yoga is a very spiritual exercise that everybody should do. I have practiced yoga and it has been just a month that I have been taking yoga classes and I must say that it has made me a totally different person. I feel more energetic, happier and peaceful after doing yoga and everybody should do it”.
On benig asked if Yoga has becoem a status symbol he says, “I don’t think yoga is a status symbol kind of a thing as I personally believe that yoga is a very authentic workout for the mind, body, and soul. I have not experienced anything where people tell that they are into yoga just to show off and I don’t think people can do that”.
He further adds, ‘It should be introduced in schools and colleges. In my school in Delhi, yoga was a part of the curriculum and we had three classes every week in which a professional yoga teacher came and taught us different asanas and correct method of practicing yoga. I recommend yoga to everyone”