People love and adore Erica Fernandes for many things. As she excels and has successfully proven herself in almost every field. The most amazing field is the fashion styling field. Fans not only think she has the best outfits but they think even with normal plain outfits Erica can make it look jaw-dropping outfit. Fans follow her fashion sense and then apply it into their lives too.

Normally actors look amazing on screen, on events and on photo shoots because they all have a stylist. But Erica here looks amazing in all the above categories and in additional to that she is also looking brilliant in her day to day clothes. As we have always appreciated Erica for being very social and very connected to her fans, the simple reason being she uploads many stories and posts even if she has a off and is doing normal chores in house. But even in those outfits Erica looks wonderful as she knows how to style her wardrobe! The Kasauti Zindagi Ki actress has always given everyone outfit and look goals.

While going through Erica’s instagram one can observe that she has too many posts in white outfits. White demonstrates peace and purity. So this clearly describes why Erica has a fondness for white colour. Erica is very peaceful with a very straightforward and kind attitude for which the colour white usually stands for. Even in these colourless and plain outfits, Erica proved herself yet again that why she can be given the title of ‘Styling Guru’. She doesn’t need colours not those she needs fancy clothes, she knows what goes with what and what suits her body and personality. Then the only magic touch she gives is the touch of confidence and gracefulness. We would strongly request and recommend Erica to start a series in her YouTube channel where she takes up any random person’s or a fan’s wardrobe and gives her styling touch. It would be interesting and at the same time very interactive.

What say Erica Fans? Isn’t this what you actually want to polish your fashion sense? Let us know in comment section! Keep buzzin!