In the upcoming episode misunderstanding will be clear and once again the love birds of this show MishBir will unite. 

Nishant will trick Abir and will not say anything to Mishti. Later, he says to Abir on phone that Mishti doesn’t want him. Kunal tricks Mishti to meet Abir by faking Abir’s accident on phone. Mishti runs to the place and meets Abir. Before misunderstandings increases, Abir tells the truth of Meenakshi’s condition on the day when cards of their marriage was to be distributed. He tells her how his own mother forced him to break their relationship in the name of Kunal. He did it for his brother. 

Mishti was devastated and thinks that she was right about their love. They spend some time together which Nishant will witness. Nishant gets confused but decides not to leave Mishti as he thinks that she is his fiance and he don’t have to worry. Mishti belong to him. Later, Nishant join hands with Meenakshi and they both are hell bent on breaking Abir and Mishti’s bond of love. Meenakshi says that Mishti herself will break her relationship with Abir. Meanwhile, Abir and Mishti will spend some time together cherishing their love. 

Will Meenakshi and Nishant be successful in their mission of separating them? Will there be more misunderstandings between MishBir? Will Mishti break their relationship? What will Abir do in this situation?

Performance wise Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh steal the scene today. Vatsal Sheth’s new little jealous Nishant is working and giving vibes of a grey shade character in coming episodes. Scene between sisters displaying their bond upgrades sisterhood in all manner. 

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Our rating for the episode is 3.5/5.