The handsome hunk Shaheer Sheikh always stand out from the beginning of his career. Spending a decade in ITV industry, Sheheer has number of memorable shows in his pocket. Though he began with smaller roles in shows like Jhansi Ki Rani, Kyua Mast Hai Life and Best of Luck Nikki, Shaheer has struggled to get the success which he presently owns. His hard work pays off to get the love of his fans. When you look at him, your heart will melt with his childish smile and your life brightens seeing the light of those hazel brown eyes. 

Navya – Naya Dhadkan Naye Sawal:

Navya Naveli was the first show as a lead for Shaheer. He has done this show when male leads were just an extra characters to move the story ahead. However, Shaheer’s role as Anant Bajpai was strong amidst all other shows’ male leads. Through that show Shaheer declared that he is in this industry to stay for long. 

Mahabharat :

Shaheer was offered the most important role of this epic, the game changer Arjun. He had gone through rigorous preparations to play the role of Indians hero Arjun. He made the character so live onscreen that he become synonymous to his character. People were not ready to accept him other than Arjun. Such was his magic. 

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

This show turns out to be turning point of his career as it gives a platform when he took off a flight from the shade of Arjun. Dev Dixit becomes everyone’s love overnight. Every girl dreams of a good boy like Dev and some even envy Sonakshi (female lead for same reason). Shaheer is capable of doing this to you. 

Daastan – E- Mohabbat Salim Anarkali:

Shaheer comes back again but this time as Salim who was not only Akbar’s son but a rebellion too for his love. He showcased a perfect historical character. Unfortunately, the show closed down in just 3 months. 

Ye Rishte Hai Pyar Ke:

King of versatility, Shaheer is currently doing Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai spin off show Ye Rishte Hai Pyar Ke where he plays the role of care free. Abir. He is a lover and a boy who stand against wrong, no matter who does it. 

Whatever be the show, Shaheer’s magnetism always works with his fans. He has done a couple of episodic of different shows and hosts a few reality shows too. Personally, Shaheer very is down to earth and a great poet. What more anyone asks for.

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