Makers of Sony SET most popular show Beyhadh 2 has managed to keep their audience hooked to the screens thanks to the interesting storyline of the serial and the interesting twists and turns.

Audience witnessed a high voltage drama taking place at Roy Mansion as Rudra brought Maya there and introduced her as his wife in front of his family shocking everyone, especially MJ who got very angry while Antara had even fainted.

In the latest episodes Maya was seen writing her story in her book revealing what happened between her and MJ in the past. Flashbacks showed that Maya was MJ’s employee and MJ had tried coming closer to her. Maya was hesitant at first but then he managed to gain her trust and she had fallen in love with MJ who had even lied to her about his wife Antara having affairs and about their divorce.

In the upcoming episodes MJ will be seen grabbing Maya by her face and asking her how she dared coming back into his life. He will promise Maya to complete the work he had left incomplete in the past ten years ago. Just then Rudrawill come in the room and Maya will smirk seeing him.

Has Rudra heard MJ threatening Maya? Will he fight against his father for his beloved wife? And what happened in the past between Maya and MJ that brought Maya to take revenge from him? What had he done to her?

All the secrets of Maya’s past will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Just keep watching the show to get all the answers and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates about what is going to happen next in your favorite show Beyhadh 2.