Viewers have witnessed Anurag in full vengeance mode in last episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. He warns Mr. Bajaj to vacate his office and his home in a day. Though, he still desires for Prerna from inside. 

Today episode starts with Prerna calling Anurag number of times to talk to him regarding his decision to make Mr. Bajaj and his family homeless. However, her constant calls were denied by Anurag to build more tension between them. 

When failed to talk to Anurag, Prerna calls Nivedita to ask her to  make Anurag understand about his wrong doing. Contrarily, Nivedita bash her back announcing that she is with Anurag in this and that she thinks he is doing right.

Mohini overhears her conversation with Prerna. She drops at Veena’s home to insult her and her family in name of Prerna. Mohini insults Veena saying about her wrong upbringing. She also accuse Veena and her family as gold diggers. Though, Veena gave her back by saying she also knows history of Mohini’s daughter. She argues that Prerna has loved Anurag and there is something which no one can see. But that must be the reason why these two love birds are not together. However, when Mohini continues her portion of insulting statements, Veena throws the gift which Mohini bought with her out of house. 

Later, Mohini and Nivedita are having a conversation in their house. While they are happy for what Anurag did to take revenge, Nivedita however, shows her concerns for Anurag’s revengeful attitude. On the other hand, Mohini said that she is happy with this Anurag because she hated when Anurag went into depression mode after Prerna left. 

Anurag comes in house and Mohini appreciates him for whatever he has done. He said, he hasn’t done for them, he has done for Prerna. Mohini sulks in silence. 

Anurag got drunk in night remembering Prerna. 

Next morning, manager of Anurag reaches Mr. Bajaj home along with police to give notice and asks Mr. Bajaj to vacate his home. When Prerna asked, he said that he is just following orders of Anurag. 

Prerna comes to Anurag’s home and a drunk Anurag comes down to meet her. 

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