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Spy Bahu on colors tv has finally bid goodbye to the audience with the last episode being full of emotions from Veera finally getting killed to Sejal getting awarded.

In the previous episode Yohan told that the bombs fitted in there were new bombs from Nanda industry. He said they get activated by human movement and there is gap of 5 seconds between next bomb getting activated. Yohan was going towards the gate but SK sir pushed him aside and went first. Sejal also jumped outside the room behind him.

Veera loaded all the weapons in truck and said to Arbaaz that she will leave the country with all of those. Sejal informed Harsh to send bomb squad at court. Sejal got hold of Veera and warned her men to drop all their weapons. Arbaaz attacked Sejal and made her fall unconscious. Sejal got up and poined gun at Veera again. Veera got stabbed by Maata Rani’s trishul dying on the spot.

Sejal was awarded with bravery medal. Later Sejal gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Yohan told her they will make their hitchki spy just like both of them. Sejal questioned when did he become spy. He said Tanhaji has offered him to train as spy. Yohan said that if they should start their next mission together and shows an address to her. The show ended with them happily saying Spy Family reporting.