Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is going through happy times with engagement of Rohit and Sonakshi aka Ronakshi. Karan V Grover who played Dr. Rohit Sippy shared the festivities and Happy faces of both families who are celebrating the beginning of festivities. 

Enjoy the festivities song:


The show is going through an engagement track between leads after all the obstacles are been dealt but not all. Though Rohit’s father Naren is not giving his consent for this relationship. Even more, Rohit and Naren argued on Sonakshi which fills their hearts with anger. Sonakshi’s ex Karan also created problems which Rohit tacked smartly. Moreover, there are rumors the Raima too turns green after getting jealous on their engagement day. However, on other side there is a stalker who don’t want Sonakshi wedding to happen. It will be interesting to watch whether Ronakshi together deals with these obstacles or they will give in their relationship. 

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