One man and six girls, a life-changing erotic event – ZEE5’s exclusive N.E.R.D (NEITHER EITHER REALLY DEAD) is the recent hotshot release in digital media. The thriller is generating quite a buzz around since its teaser came out as fantastic and spectacular. 

The series that stars Hasvanth Vanga, Arjun Ambati, Naveen Abhi, Koyel Das, Nikita Bisht, Ranjana Singh, Komal, Nishat Raza and Namrata Shirodhkar in major roles, is full of suspense, drama, romance, and lust. Directed by Deva Ganesh, the series is another bold presentation by ZEE5 to its’ phenomenal collection of distinctive cinematic content in its OTT platform. 

watch the amazing teaser of N.E.R.D online

Going by the teaser, ZEE5’s N.E.R.D story revolves around a lonely, studious boy Hasvanth – typically referred to as nerd in the youngsters’ linguistic science- who craves for companionship. Suddenly, a mysterious series of event takes place in N.E.R.D’s world as six beautiful girls enter his life. The story progresses to become intriguing as all those girls get into a relationship with Hasvanth. The tale twists to a chilling horror after the girls start disappearing one after another. However, when the police come to inquire the case, Hasvanth seems clueless as if he has never been in any relationship. 

The plotline sounds interesting and thought-provoking. The suspense element offered in the teaser is aptly placed that leaves audiences wanting for more of it. Erotic thriller combined with suspense often is a preferred blend for fanatics of the genre which N.E.R.D seems to have captured perfectly. The teaser is promising and compels one to think whether the boy is a mastermind or a victim to a gruesome trap. 

Coming to the performances by actors, every one of them seems to have justified the role they deliver. Hasvanth plays the role of the boy whose erotic excitement made him the prominent suspect in the case and from looking at the teaser we can say no one else could have done this better than him. 

Apart from him, Arjun Ambati, who has bagged the role of a police officer is also convincing with the role he is playing in the show. Nikita Bisht, Ranjana Singh, Nishat Raza, and Namrata Darekar are in the role of the ladies in this thrill ride and their performance is the right fit for the series. 

Web series today serve the content that is far beyond the routine melodramas. Until recently, audiences were left with no choice but to watch the cliched romances and overhyped family dramas. However, the emergence of OTT platform has given audiences a choice of better cinematic vision where shows like N.E.R.D in a renowned platform such as ZEE5 are bringing sensational revolution in the sector. Realistic, innovative and bold content showcased over diversified genres and personalized screening have made digital serials a preferred fiction. Get ready to add ZEE5’s newest endeavour N.E.R.D to your list of scintillating and blockbuster stories you are ever going to witness on your screen. 

The series is slated for its’ digital premier today amidst exciting buzz from all over. The seven-episode long series has now arrived to stun you with its unique mix of erotica and thriller. 

Check out the teaser if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t forget to tune on ZEE5 to watch the exclusive episodes of N.E.R.D as it plays. 

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