Today’s episode opens with Harman saying he don’t know to sing and leaves the place. Vedant ask Saumya to sing and stop him. Tarana sings a song for Harman. Harman stops outside the room and the duo recalls the flashback. Vedant wickedly smiles. Harman gets emotional hearing her.

Harman drinks and vents out in front of Harak saying Saumya is cheating her. Harak tries to calm him down he asks him to go home. Harman says Saumya left him forever and now she likes Vedant. Harman advices to the other couple to grip the hands tightly else your partner can betray you anytime.

Harman says Saumya cuts all the ties with him now what he will do alone and cries. Harak takes him to the home. Mallika records Harman’s video.

Mallika shows the video to Saumya. Mallika asks to take a right decision before it gets late. Harman asks he needs no one to show any concern to him. He falls down.

Harak calls Saumya and blames her for Harman’s condition. Harak Singh cries too. Saumya tries to make him understand but Harak Singh interrupts her and hangs up the call.

Otherside, Vedant asks the Priest to tell him which is the best date for marriage. Priest says after three days. Vedant says he will marry Tarana within three days and smiles. He asks Priest to do the preparation.

Saumya thinks of Harak’s word. Mallika brings water for her and again tries to make her understand to save her relation before it gets late. Veeran takes Harman to his room.

Vedant self-talks to himself and thinks of a plan to do something within three days so that he can marry Tarana.

Harman wakes up and sees Harak Singh sitting aside him. Harman asks what he is doing here. Harak and Harman talks to each other. Harak tries to motivate Harman.

Harman says he will go to Vedant’s house to work in front of Saumya so that his love can turn into hatred by each passing day. Harman says he wants to forget Saumya by any means. He asks him to get ready to go at Bansal house. Preeto and Shanno overhear his talk. Shanno fills Preeto’s mind and gets happy.

Harman and Harak come to Vedant’s house. Vedant says it’s his birthday today. The duo wishes him. Vedant again praises Tarana to jealous Harman.

Vedant says on his birthday he wants to distribute sweets and gifts to Kinners’ to surprise Tarana. Harak says he planned his Birthday. Harman too thinks of exposing Vedant.

Saumya plays with Soham. She thinks of Harak Singh and Mallika’s word. Vedant knocks at the door with the gifts. Tarana calls him inside. He distributes the gifts and praises Tarana.

Harman searches for a prove to expose Vedant in his room. He founds his birth certificate and clicks photos. He goes to Tarana’s house to expose him.

Tarana brings sweet dish for Vedant. Harman comes and shows the birth certificate to everyone. Vedant says Harman is right. He confesses he told lie to all. Everyone looks at him. Harman asks him to tell why he is doing drama. (Episode ends)

Next week: Vedant holds Tarana’s hand and says I love you. Saumya ask him to leave her hand. Police arrests Harman. There, Vedant gets happy thinking his plan gets succeed. He waits for Saumya.