Dashing actor Harshad was not been so endearing before; like the way he appeared on the screen in the character of Aditya Hooda. In the show Bepannah- Harshad’s flawless performance was a delight to watch.

As Aditya, Harshad Chopda has won many hearts thus today will highlight the reason behind why we miss him as Aditya Hooda.

#Throwback: Harshad Chopda as Aditya Hooda

His personality: Aditya Hooda was introduced to the audiences as a Pilot and his charming personality, priceless expressions made fans to give their hearts to him at the first sight.

Without a denial Aditya hooda was one of the best ITV character. Harshad Chopda added more flavors to the character through his creativity and we are sure none could have matched the perfection level of Aditya apart from Harshad.

His love for his family: though Aditya used to share differences with his father but he loves and respects his family the most. He used to take a stand for right. He was perfect son, cool brother and a loyal husband!


His romantic side: this doesn’t need any explanation. The way Aditya and Zoya burned the screens with their scorching chemistry.. you can’t get over from ADIYA scenes!

The Jodi of Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget was breath- taking and the duo became one of the most loveable romantic Jodi of Indian Television.

His reserved nature: Aditya was reserved and perfectly hides his emotions by being sarcastic. His different ‘andaz’ made fan’s to drool on the character more.


So these are the few things why we miss Aditya Hooda, let’s see what more you can add to it. Shoot your views in the comment section below.

Colors show Bepannah was a romantic mysterious drama. The focused on Aditya and Zoya who met each other for the first time at the police station when their spouses were found dead together in an accident. The hate-love story of Aditya and Zoya became so famous worldwide that the fan’s even today wants Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget to be back together as ADIYA.

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