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The episode begins with gungun telling Kalyani about how the magic trick works. She says that if one joker is there another one disappears and if the other one is there then the first one disappears. Kalyani and Malhar go into thoughts. Kalyani asks gungun to go. Kalyani says that Ajinkya is not the only one. There is a doppelganger for Ajinkya who is doing things.

Ajinkya’s look alike comes and keeps a cloth with chloroform on his nose making him unconcious. Godavari comes inside. She asks him as to what he is doing there to which he looks her from top to bottom and tries to get intimate with her. She shows him the knife and threatens him. He turns the lights off and disappears. Malhar and Kalyani hearing the sound go to her room. She tells them what happened. Kalyani consoles her. Malhar turns the lights on and sees Ajinkya’s unconcious form. He wakes him up and beats him. Kalyani stops him and tells him that thete is a doppelganger and he is not doing this. Ajinkya tells them about how he met his mother. They wonder how to bring the truth. Kalyani says indhu herself will help them.

Ajinkya is talking with Indhu and tells her about how the family is thinking that there is a doppelganger for him. Indhu says that there is and asks him to stay silent. Ajinkya asks her as to why did she do such a thing to which she says about her evil intention of getting her son Akshay married to a big shot’s daughter but as they are influencing, she chose him and forced him to marry. Kalyani and Malhar comes to know the truth where Kalyani says that she was saying the truth to Malhar.

Anupriya consoles Godavari and asks her to divorce Ajinkya. She gives her the much needed courage and Godavari agrees.

Aausaheb is doing a Pooja by a black magic tantric to get Ajinkya well and make him a man. Anupriya comes there with Sarthak and asks her as to why she is doing such a thing. She says he is a fraud to which the Tantric says he will curse her. Sarthak telling him to curse in the jail holds his collar. The man pleads to them and leaves from there. Anupriya warns Aausaheb that she will file a case on her next time. Aausaheb asks whether they should get Godavari divorced and ruin her Life to which Godavari herself answers that she wants to divorce him and wants to move on in her life ahd let him move on. Godavari says she has support from Anupriya and Kalyani while they only had eachother hence she can easily face it. The Screen Freezes On Anupriya.