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Episode begins with Anupriya praying to God to set Godavari’s life good. She praya to him and turns behind to see Sarthak standing there. Anupriya aska Sarthak to which he says that he has a feeling that there is a gap bridging between Malhar and Kalyani. Malhar and Kalyani are not getting to spend time together. Anupriya agrees to him. Sarthak says that they should arrange something send them there so that they can get some time together. Anupriya says they should plan.

Kalyani comes to Malhar and tells him about catching Akshay. Malhar agrees and they both are about to leave but Sarthak and Anupriya comes there and tells them that they can look after the case later but before that they should do something. They both blind fold them and bring them into a room which is beautifully decorated for a perfect date. Malhar and Kalyani opens the blind fold on the count of three and they are mesmerized by the set up. Malhar and Kalyani argue about as to whose plan it is. Malhar says Sarthak is romantic hence it’s his idea while Kalyani says Anupriya is intelligent hence it’s her idea. Kalyani is about to leave because of the argument but Malhar holds her hand and pulls her closer. They both dance and spend time together but Anupriya comes there with Ajinkya and trlls them that Akshay is leaving to Australia amd they know where he is hence they should leave. Malhar Kalyani and Anupriya go to the spot Ajinkya told them.

Ajinkya comes to shilpis room and apologises for his brother’s deeds. Ajinkya touches her hand and Shilpi recognises him as Akshay. She starts to shout but he shuts her mouth and threatens her. Ajinkya remembers how he fooled them. Infact he was the one to talk with Indhu in the jail and tell them about the twins. It’s all his plan. He remembers how he pretended to be Ajinkya hiding him somewhere.

Malhar and Kalyani along with Anupriya to the said spot to see Ajinkya there but Malhar thinks it’s Akshay and starts beating him. He gets fainted. Media rounds them and questions them about their deeds. They asks him as to how can he beat an innocent like that. They asks Anupriya to say a word. She says that it’s true they are trapped but it’s Malhar’s mistake to beat him hence he should be suspended. Kalyani asks her as to how can she do this to her husband even after knowing the truth. Anupriya leaves from there saying Malhar is at mistake. Malhar gets a call from DSP who tells him that he is suspended. Kalyani gets shocked.

Malhar is sitting in room alone, Kalyani comes there and tries to console him. Malhar telling her that he needs to serve justice to shilpi leaves from there.

Akshay is in a ladies get up and tells Indhu that their plan is successful and shows her the video of Malhar getting questioned. She asks him to leave as soon as possible so that they don’t catch him. He says that their biggest support Malhar is suspended.

Malhar and Panwar are talking when a constable comes there ahd tells them that thete is someone to meet indhu. The Screen Freezes On Malhar and Akshay.