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Colors tv show Pinjara is currently showing struggle of Mayura to win back Omkar’s trust and convince him that they belong to each other. With Vishakha knowing that Mayura is back, how will Mayura keep herself and Omkar safe?

In the previous episode Mayura disguised as nurse slipping due to water and fell on Omkar. Omkar asked her to leave immediately. Mayura told Dai Ma about her nightmares being connected to her past birth and told Omkar is her love. Vishakha gots bewildered seeing Mayura’s photo in Ishan’s pic. She was utterly shocked as Mayura is alive.

Omkar was sleeping and got nightmare again, he woke up taking Mayura’s name and found Mayura was standing infront of him. He got up and hugged her. Mayura felt overwhelmed and asked if he remembered everything. Omkar pushed her away. Mahesh informed Mayura that Ishan and his mother will be coming for lunch. He told her to stay away from Azadnagar project and Omkar. Vishakha came for lunch and asks about factory work. Mayura left without meeting Vishakha as she was worried about Omkar. At site, Sachin’s men beat up locality men. Mayura came there with sword to stop those men. Omkar and Naina left to come there too.

Will Omkar misunderstand Mayura seeing her on site?

How will Omkar and Mayura reunite?

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