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Colors show Udaariyan is going to be more thrilling since Alia has started tormenting Aasman.

In the latest episode Aasman burns Armaan’s official documents on Alia’s command. Alia wanted her to do this so that Armaan starts hating her too. Aasman burns the papers and cries in pain of doing this to Armaan. She shows it to Alia over a video call who laughs at this destruction and Aasman’s poor state. Armaan gets a call that a fire has broken out in his warehouse so he rushes to the warehouse in fear followed by his family.

They all see Aasman standing there. Rano asks her if she did this to which she says yes. Rano asks at least she must have spared Armaan and not done this. Everyone asks her why she did this but she says she doesn’t want to give an answer to anyone.

Armaan says there has been enough silence and now she has to speak out.Alia says she must surely be troubled by something otherwise she would have never behaved like this. She asks Armaan to not do anything and says she will talk to Aasman herself.

Alia tells Armaan that Aasman said she doesn’t remember anything that she did and she is asking for help. She says that her mental condition is not okay so she needs to be taken to the mental hospital for treatment.

The ambulance arrives and they see off Aasman. Midway the ambulance stops and Balvinder unveils his mask and asks his aide to inject something on Aasman. As she tries to defend herself, Balvinder injects something forecfully and makes her unconscious.

What will happen to Aasmaan now? Where will she be taken to? Will Armaan be able to get to the truth? To know the answers to these questions, keep watching Udaariyan.