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Colors show Udaariyan has become more entertaining as Alia kidnaps Meher and Haniya to keep Aasman busy till her marriage.

In the latest episode, Alia shows a video of Haniya and Meher to Aasman and says that she has kidnapped them so that she doesn’t act smart till her wedding ends.

Aasman kidnaps Balvinder’s daughter Simran and asks him to meet her at some place. He asks Aasman where Simran is when she says that Simran is in a place far away from his reach. He reaches there and tries to hit Aasman with a bamboo but realises something and stops.

Then he apologises to Aasman with joined hands and begs her to return Simran. Aasman calls Simran who comes here running happily and says Aasman took good care of her. Balvinder apologises to Aasman for helping Alia to kidnap her daughters. He takes her to the place Alia had kept her daughters.

They don’t find Haniya or Meher at the location but find the goon whom Alia hired who was trying to flee. Balvinder gets hold of him and beats him badly. They threaten her to spit the truth about Alia. The goons say that eight years back Alia gave her a newborn and asked to kill her.

He narrates the story how he and his partner put that newborn in a basket and let her flow into the river after which he doesn’t know anything about this. Aasman realises that it was Meher. She gets the DNA report from the hospital which confirms that Meher is her other daughter.

Aasman comes home running and asks Alia about her daughters when she says she won’t tell her about them now that she is married to Armaan. Turns out she married Raja unknowingly, falling into her own trap. What will Alia do next? Where has Alia kept Haniya and Meher? To know what happens next keep watching Udaariyan.