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Colors show Udaariyan is going to be more exciting as Alia has sent Aasman to the mental hospital.

In the latest episode Armaan’s family mourns Aasmaan’s condition. Balvinder makes Aasman unconscious and informs Alia. Armaan calls Ekam and informs him about Aasman’s condition and that she has been sent to the hospital for her treatment. He also gives Ekam the number of the ambulance. Hearing this, Alia panics and calls Balvinder. She asks him to take him to hospital and the rest will be taken care off next morning.

As Alia hangs up the call she finds Armaan standing behind her. She thinks Armaan heard everything. He comes close to Alia and hugs her saying she couldn’t take care of Aasman. Alia consoles him and says Aasman would come back home soon and till then she will take care of the kids. Next morning she visits the hospital with Rano, Bebe and Neetu. Aasman pretends to be even more sick. Seeing her deteriorated condition Rano and others feel sorry for her and cry.

Armaan comes to visit Aasmaan at the hospital in a hospital in doctor’s clothes. Turns out he was the one who pretended to be the doctor the earlier day. Aasman says that thank God she wrote to him about Alia and her blackmail that day before leaving or else he would have never realised.Ekam also comes to visit Aasman and says Armaan told him everything and he is with them in this fight.

Later Ekam visits Sukhi’s place and apologises for Aasman’s behaviour. He also says that no one knows when Aasman would recover and they don’t even know if she would recover. He suggests Armaan and Alia be married for the kids. What will happen next? Will Alia agree to the marriage? Would Armaan be able to find out their other daughter? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Udaariyan.