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Udaariyan has become more entertaining since Aasman has turned Alia’s game upside down and Raja has come back home after recovery.

In the latest episode, Aasman starts hitting Alia with the hunter instead of Rano. She shouts and asks Aasman if she is out of her mind and doesn’t want to see her kids alive. Suddenly Balvinder comes in with Meher and Haniya. Aasman hugs them first and then says how she and Balvinder saved the kids first.

Alia brings a knife and makes Rano her hostage. She escapes the house using Rano as bait. Armaan and Raja look for Alia on the road but she escapes in a tempo without them noticing her. Since everyone at home seems tense due to this information, Aasman tries to calm them down and says nothing will happen to them no matter what. But she feels insecure herself therefore she asks Ekam to find Alia as soon as possible.

Aasman tells Meher when she was very young, Alia tried to separate her from her mother and that day only Armaan found him. So she is her own daughter and Haniya her own sister. Meher becomes elated hearing this so she hugs Aasman and says she loves her.

Then she hugs Haniya and says she will never fight with her again and they will stay together. Aasman says that since they were born on the same day, it’s their birthday the next day. Sukhi says they must forget about Alia now and prepare for their birthday celebration.

Later at night while they all party, Alia gets inside the house secretly with some goons and makes all the family members unconscious through some trickery. Next morning Armaan wakes up confused and wonders why he can’t remember anything from last night.

Then he finds Alia beside her who shows him a video of Aasman hanging from a building and struggling for life. Will Armaan be able to save Aasman? To know what is Alia’s next plan, keep watching Udaariyan.