Bepannaah came on Colors and became a sensation among the audience with its lead pairing Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra. Harshad charm while playing Aditya Hooda and Jennifer’s grace and poise embracing Zoya Siddiqui worked not only for their individual characters but also made them so enchanting on screen as a couple that Bepannaah literally broke internet in terms of popularity and even after almost a year of its end fans still can’t stop talking about this pairing and the show.

So what is it that makes Jennifer and Harshad a k a as fans only calls them so loved? Let have a look at the potential answers to the above question.

Performances at Par
So Jennifer and Harshad are two of the most versatile actress in the business. It is a fact that no one can deny. Both Jennifer and Harshad embraced their characters so ferociously that it made both the characters come alive on screen.

Redefining Chemistry
They redefined Chemistry on Indian Television. There was so many shades in both their characters and but the action reaction was always on point and at par. They redefined chemistry with their subtle and powerful acting skills. There was always more in less with JenShad and it spoke volumes to audiences never falling short of connection.

Perfect Harmony
Jennifer and Harshad always in sync with each other and each other’s characters. Their harmony just made their scenes a treat to watch on screen. Their comfort showed reflected in the scenes they did and made it look effortless.

Charming pair
Well you got to admit, Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget make for a charming pair. They are good-looking and every time they are on screen together fans have to manage their palpitations seeing the beauty.
Jennifer Winget and Harshad are desirable and we can’t give up hope to see them back together again too. So, while we wish them the best on their respective career journeys,we just want to tell the fans, we are in the same boat!

Tell us your thoughts on JenShad and till then let’s get biiiiizzziiiiinnn’!!!