Star Plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is keeping the audience engrossed with its courtroom drama over Kairav’s custody. In the upcoming episode, Kairav will overhear badi dadi crying to god why Karthik fail to understand Naira and why is he fighting with her. Kairav will get upset hearing this and goes towards Naira’s room and also overhears Naira talking to Naksh about Karthik and what happened in court.
Vedika will see the Goenka’s worrying about the case and will feel guilty as she knew Naira has done this to save her marriage. She will get scared on getting a call from an unknown number. When she din’t answer, she receive messages from someone from her past asking her to meet him.
Naksh will try to cheer up a sad Naira that case is still in their favour, that it is a mother’s decision whether to keep the child or not. Naira will later call Karthik and asks him to meet her the next day to discuss something important. He will refuse.
Naira waits for Karthik for nearly 3 hours. Karthik will then come and asks her what is so important that she waited so long for him. Naira will tell him that he can have Kairav’s custody, stunning him. She will tell him that Kairav can stay with him and she will meet him wherever he tells her. She will also him to stop the court case as she don’t want Kairav to know about all this as he will break if he knows his parents are fighting over him. She will tell him that they can sort it out among themselves.
Keep watching the show to know what happens next and stay tuned for more updates.