The Episode start with Abir and Mishti talking with each other about their life and love. He says they will get engaged to each other the day after tomorrow and then they will be one forever. Mishti says he doesn’t know one thing that a girl who is brought up between family drama and specially in a joint family mostly filled with so much drama Abir is about to say something when Mishti didn’t let him complete his words and says that he is very romantic. Abir asks how does she know this? Mishti replies that he is her weird Rajvansh so does she know him in and out. In the Rajvansh house, Parul asks Meenu is everything alright with her? Meenakshi tells her nothing is alright as Mehul is taking away Abir from us. Kunal comes there to talk to Meenakshi and Parul excuses herself so that both of them can talk. Kunal says to Meenakshi he doesn’t want to lose Abir and all his life he lost everything almost and now if he loses Abir too then he will be a loser for real. Meenakshi asks him not to blame himself for the decision Abir took to leave the house. All these are happening because of Mehul as he is taking away Abir from us.

Kunal tries to say Mishti is taking Abir away from us but Meenakshi says not Mishti but Mehul is the real culprit here. Meenakshi ask kunal not to fight with Kuhu now as she has a battle to fight for Abir and now she can’t afford any more fights. Kunal says he will do everything she will ask him for. If she say he will not even fight with Mishti as well. She hugs Meenakshi and assures her while Parul sees this from a distance and nods her silent agreement with Meenakshi. Abir calls Rajshri to inform they will be late to return as the workload is too much at NGO when she is working with Kuhu and talking to each other about having a day out together along with Mishti. Abir lies to Rajshri that Mishti is busy that she is not able to talk to her, Mishti shouts from behind that he is cooking stories about me and she is right here. Rajshri says to Mishti now that they have work to complete then don’t give any scope to Abir to complain about your work and hangs up the call. Abir and Mishti are travelling on the rooftop of a bus and Abir says a poetry to celebrate their alone time after a long while.

Mehul is talking to Bharat over the phone about the payment he has to make. He is asking for some more time to pay the pending amount when he noticed the silver statue of Lord Krishna at the temple of house. He is going to steal it but Parul appeared their on time and ask him what he is trying to do? Mehul instead of getting scared shows attitude to her and said servants shouldn’t question the owner of the house how to behave? Parul says where we are standing is the actual owner of all and for him no one is big or small. They exchange some heated argument with each other. Mehul threatened Parul to think about her future rather than thinking about the house.

Abir on the other side, asks Mishti to get married to him then and there. He shows insecurities about their relationship and engagement and there’s if something bad happens and they are not able to fulfill the ritual and get separated. Mishti assures him that both of them will never get separated from each other and even if he falls weak someday she will not let him go ever. She hugged him and both of them cries with each other and she places a peck on his forehead.

Meenakshi is getting tense regarding Abir. Parul informs her that he is not at home, maybe he has not returned yet. Meenakshi enquiries about Mehul Parul calls Abir and ask him where he is and they are getting worried as it is late at night and he still is not at home. Abir tells her not to get worry as he will be home shortly. Mishti take a promise to herself that she will never let Abir go away from his family members and will also not let Mehul hurt Abir.

Precap – Abir prepares the engagement invitation card with Abir Kapadia name. Kunal and Meenakshi gets angry with it.